What are Jesel rockers?

What are Jesel rockers?

Jesel Sportsman Series rocker kits are designed to bolt on with little to no cylinder head modifications and in most cases still fit under a stock valve cover. The rocker geometry is preset and engineered using the common valve supplied with the particular cylinder head to provide a bolt-on and go installation.

Who owns Jesel?

Dan Jesel
Jesel Valvetrain Innovation just celebrated its 35th anniversary as the premier provider of valvetrain products to the racing community. This success story is due to the vision and drive of its founder, Dan Jesel, who is one of those rare people with the ability to accomplish great things while making it look easy.

Who is Jesel?

Jesel Inc. is a leading valvetrain parts manufacturer specializing in rocker arms, belt drives, roller lifters, followers, pushrods and cam cores for high performance race engines, based in Lakewood, New Jersey (USA) Website http://www.jesel.com.

What is rocker arm offset?

The offset of a rocker arm is defined as the measurement of the width from the roller tip of the valve stem’s centerline, to the pushrod or adjuster screw’s center. “It is well known that a shaft-mount rocker arm is far more stable at high-RPM than a stud-mount rocker.

What are offset lifters?

Hi Greg, the lifters have “offset” seat locations to help get the pushrods get past the sides of the intake runners. It enables the builder to “straighten” the port in that section. Usually, the more straight the runners are kept, the more available power can be produced.

Who is the founder of Jesel valvetrain?

Founded by a long-time racer and engine builder, Jesel valvetrain components can handle all the horsepower and RPMs you throw at them and still get you to the winner’s circle. From its original belt drive systems to tough shaft rockers to overhead followers for today’s modular engines, Jesel remains on the cutting-edge of valvetrain technology.

What kind of rockers do Jesel engines use?

Jesel Sportsman Steel Rockers provide engine builders with the option of high strength steel rockers at an extremely affordable price and can be ordered separately or as an upgrade to certain Pro Aluminum rocker systems.

What kind of distributor drive does Jesel use?

Introduced in 2011, Jesel’s Extreme Series Distributor Drive System is designed to handle the high cylinder pressures experienced in Pro Stock and Pro-Mod type engines. This distributor drive features the MSD® 5” Pro-Cap to ensure accurate spark delivery and to reduce spark scatter frequently experienced in high cylinder pressure applications.

What kind of timing system does Jesel use?

The balanced brass rotor tip and form staked carbon ball on the coil lug have been designed to eliminate grounding paths and cross firing. Available in either series, Jesel’s ICT timing systems provide a simple and accurate cam sync source for engines operating with an electronic fuel injection system.