Is water refilling station profitable?

Is water refilling station profitable?

Unlike seasonal businesses, a water refilling station can be profitable all year round. You will also be serving your community, with customers coming from high- to low-income backgrounds. It’s relatively easier to handle compared to other businesses since you only sell water.

What are the benefits of water refilling station in the community?

One of the most important health advantages in water refilling stations—if they are using the appropriate filtering system—is further screening out of harmful organisms, which survived the chlorinated condition in the public water systems. Another important advantage is the removal of chlorine from your drinking water.

How can I improve my water refilling station?

Top Tips For Your Water Refilling Business

  1. Get a location where there is less competition.
  2. Know your ideal price point by knowing your costs.
  3. Always promote your business.
  4. Have added services that you can sell.
  5. Do not neglect maintenance.
  6. Do not forget bookkeeping and always meet your tax obligations.

How much do you need to start a water refilling station?

While the capital requirement of a water refilling station is not that expensive, it would cost around P500,000 to get started. Still, it is possible to start at P200,000 for the most basic setup.

What is the best water refilling station in the Philippines?

Crystal Clear is a water refilling station franchise started by Solerex Water Technologies. Solerex is known for being one of the best water refilling companies throughout the Philippines and has been in operation for over 10 years.

What is the purpose of water station?

Water refilling stations managed by private entrepreneurs offer a cheaper and more convenient solution to the public’s drinking water needs than bottled water or the use of household filters. The demand at the water refilling stations – water stores that sell purified water – is now increasing.

Why do we need water station?

It’s important to provide clean, free drinking water in multiple areas by way of hydration stations. Among the other health benefits of water are: Aids in digestion and weight loss. Helps to detoxify the body.

What are water refilling stations?

Water refilling stations managed by private entrepreneurs offer a cheaper and more convenient solution to the public’s drinking water needs than bottled water or the use of household filters. They sell purified water of comparable quality with bottled water at a lower price.

How much is the water refilling station in the Philippines?

Here is one thing you should know: the water refilling machine usually consumes a huge chunk of the capital. On the other hand, a franchised water refilling station business can cost anywhere from PHP 80,000 to 350,000. The price usually depends on the type, number, and size of the equipment included.

What is the capstone water refilling system ER diagram?

The capstone project entitled Water Refilling System is a point of sale and inventory system specifically intended for the records management and transactions on the water refilling station. Related articles on the capstone project Water Refilling System ER Diagram Water Refilling Station Inventory and Monitoring System

Where are the water bottle refill stations located?

Stations will be placed where existing fountains stand. Student and Faculty have shown interest in installing Bottle Refill Stations. The university shared a post from Facilities Management’s Facebook page about the new water bottle refilling station that was installed in another building.

How does the water refilling system store sales?

Water Refilling System Payment Form Points of Sale – there are two ways on how the system can store the sales from the customer; 1 is through the delivery option where records are stored in the delivery payment form. 2 is via this module the Point of Sale, this is for the walk-in customers The image below shows the POS module of the system.

How to fund a water bottle filling station?

Approval for funding of Water Bottle Refilling Retro fit Station. Contact Facilities Management to arrange the ordering and installation of Retro fit Bottle Filling Station. Fill out Work Order Request form. Work with Facilities Management to arrange a date for installation. Install new Water Bottle Filling Station.