Is warp speed capable?

Is warp speed capable?

Instead of trying to beat the speed of light, which is physically impossible, the Alcubierre warp drive would go around it by warping space-time itself, Star Trek style! There is only one small issue – it would need enormous mass energy to make the warp drive work.

How fast is warp 6 speed?

Star Trek: The Original Series

Warp factor Calculated speed (c) Distance traveled in 24 hours (light years)
5 125 0.342
6 216 0.591
7 343 0.939
8 512 1.402

How fast is warp 8 speed?

512 times light speed
Warp factor 8 equals the cube of 8 (8 times 8 times 8), or 512 times light speed. Even this velocity is too slow to allow starships to travel as quickly as they appear to on TV. In reality, the script writers arbitrarily allowed the Enterprise to get to wherever it was going, as fast as was convenient for storytelling.

Does warp speed mean fast?

Warp speed is an extremely fast speed. In science fiction stories, especially in the Star Trek universe, warp speed refers to a hypothetical speed faster than the speed of light that can be achieved by spaceships like the USS Enterprise.

What is the fastest warp speed in Star Trek?

about 8,323 times light speed
That’s almost a decade longer than an average human life span today. Even considering the fastest “transwarp” (or “beyond warp”) speed achieved by the Enterprise, which is about 8,323 times light speed, according to “Star Trek: The Next Generation — Technical Manual,” a transgalactic voyage would take 24 years.

Is warp speed theoretically possible?

Warp Speed Travel Is Theoretically Possible , Says Astrophysicist. Despite all the intergalactic hopping in science fiction and the occasional extraordinary research claim, most of us have accepted that when it comes to travel, humanity is always going to be limited by the speed of light.

Is warp drive theoretically possible?

A Warp drive is theoretically possible, it would work by warping space around the ship. Because the speed of light cannot be exceeded, in order to travel faster than light, you would need to contract the pocket of space in front of the shop, and expand the pocket of space behind it,…

Is “warp drive” from Star Trek possible?

Warp Drive Is Theoretically Possible . Very, very theoretically. But still! Warp drive is one of the many futuristic ideas proposed in Star Trek, allowing for faster-than-light travel across the

Who discovered warp drive?

On Earth, warp drive was initially developed by Zefram Cochrane, in the period following World War III. (Star Trek: First Contact) The spacecraft credited with discovering the space warp phenomenon was the Bonaventure (C1-21).