Is there such a word as reciprocation?

Is there such a word as reciprocation?

Reciprocation is a somewhat formal word. Acts of reciprocation can be either positive or negative.

What is the meaning of reciprocated love?

given and received, or equally engaged in, by both parties; mutual: In its most developed form, love occurs within a reciprocated relationship with another person.

Are you reciprocating?

You reciprocate when you return a favor, return a compliment, or respond “the same to you” to the angry guy in the car you just passed. In short, you react to an action, statement, or emotion by mirroring it. This one comes from the Latin verb reciprocare, meaning to move back and forth.

How do you reciprocate?

When someone does you a favor, you can reciprocate by doing something nice for them. However, reciprocating can also be negative. For example, if someone insults you, you may reciprocate by insulting them back or doing something else to get back at them.

How do you reciprocate love?

Reciprocating love is seeing the good in the other person, and loving them back for that good. Accepting love is understanding that the other sees the good in you. It’s about making an allowance for the fact that there must be something in you that’s good and worth loving — and that’s damn hard to do.

Is the meaning of reciprocation?

1 : to give and take mutually. 2 : to return in kind or degree reciprocate a compliment gracefully. intransitive verb. 1 : to make a return for something we hope to reciprocate for your kindness. 2 : to move forward and backward alternately a reciprocating valve.

Is reciprocate good?

Reciprocity is developed and woven into good enough relationships, sometimes without participants knowing that is what they are doing. With awareness, it can become a robust, healthy feature of the relationship. Passion is a vital condition in healthy relationships. Reciprocated love is related to feeling fulfilled.

Are feelings reciprocated?

Definition of ‘reciprocate’ If your feelings or actions toward someone are reciprocated, the other person feels or behaves in the same way toward you as you have felt or behaved toward them.

Can you reciprocate energy?

“Through the reciprocation of energy, always, and every time, we will get exactly what we put out there to others. Like Karma, whatever we do will indefinitely come back to us in some way shape or form. When goodness is given, it is likely to returned. When you support someone, you will be supported.

What I require I can reciprocate?

@narcissistrecovery on Instagram: “Everything I require, I can reciprocate, so I’ll be as picky as I want! No more rushing, no more dismissing my gut instinct and no…”

Does love reciprocate?

Reciprocating love is seeing the good in the other person, and loving them back for that good. In a way, it’s easier to reciprocate love than to accept it. It’s easier to look out and notice the good in the person who’s offering her love, but harder to understand that we’re worthy of love just the same.

Which is the best definition of reciprocation?

Definition of reciprocation. 1 a : a mutual exchange. b : a return in kind or of like value. 2 : an alternating motion. Other Words from reciprocation Example Sentences Learn More about reciprocation. Keep scrolling for more.

How long does it take for reciprocation to work?

The norm of reciprocation works much better if there is a period of time between the favor and the request for the reciprocal action. For smaller favors (e.g., giving someone a bottle of cola) such period is a few hours or days; for bigger favors, such periods can be months or years.

What are the benefits of reciprocation and respond in kind?

The norm “reciprocate” and “respond in kind” facilitates the exchange of essential goods (food, clothing, tools, etc.) and services (help in hunting, gathering, babysitting, etc.), and limits the potential exploitation1. However, since the norm is simple and does not contain hundreds of subclauses as do legal contracts, it itself can be exploited.

Is the relationship between dancers based on reciprocation?

Our relationship is based upon reciprocation. He didn’t expect any reciprocation of affection. “There has always been a reciprocation between audiences and dancers ,” she said. She had liked him for a while, but had never considered any possibility of reciprocation. “We gave so much for you, where’s the reciprocation?” he shouted.