Is the variety and error coin price guide updated?

Is the variety and error coin price guide updated?

Prices featured in Variety & Errors Coin Price Guide are updated consistently and we always attempt to reflect realistic pricing when it comes to our price guide. Nevertheless, sometimes we get questions about the pricing listed below and why it varies from some of the other sites to a degree.

Where can I find coins with significant errors?

Often, coins with obscure but significant errors and varieties are mistakenly labeled and priced as ordinary coins. So, if you have a good eye, you may find such coins being sold for much less than their real value by a coin dealer! #3 – Check estate sales and garage sales.

Are there any coins that have missing lettering?

Missing Edge Lettering – Coins that are supposed to have lettering on the edge is missing. This is most prevalent on Presidential Dollars. Although error coins are very difficult to price and a definitive price guide for coin errors does not exist, Alan Herbert authored The Official Price Guide to Mint Errors.

When do the new Red Book coins come out?

UPDATED WITH 2021 RED BOOK PRICES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON ALL SPECIAL RELEASE COINS This plugin is unclaimed. Sign up to activate it! You added paid features to your Form Builder. Upgrade your plan to publish Form Builder with paid features.

What are the problems with an error coin?

Error coins may have problems such as being struck off-center, having the wrong planchet type, having the planchets improperly produced so they are too thick, thin, improperly claded, or any number of other problems that occur during coin manufacturing.

How much is a half dollar error coin worth?

What’s My Error Coin Worth? Coin 20-40% 40-90% Washington Quarter (1965- ) $5 – $30. $30 – $100. Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963) $300 – $400. $400 – $600. Kennedy Half Dollar 1964 $100 – $250. $300 – $400. Kennedy Half Dollar (1965- 1969) $150 – $200. $300 – $400.