Is the UNSC Infinity possible?

Is the UNSC Infinity possible?

UNSC Infinity (INF-101) is an experimental Infinity-class supercarrier of the UNSC Navy commissioned following the end of the Human-Covenant War.

How much does the UNSC Infinity cost?

$850,000,000,000,000 (850 trillion dollars it is then). Now, time to petition the White House to build the Infinity instead!

Why is the UNSC Infinity so important?

The UNSC Infinity will be one of the greatest threat to Cortana. Infinity was the first project where they had huragok to assist so it ends up being the most sophisticated ship in the fleet and acts as the operating base for the Spartans branch.

How many people can the UNSC Infinity carry?

The flagship of the UNSC Navy and the first Infinity-class supercarrier ever constructed, the UNSC Infinity is the largest single human warship ever constructed, with a crew of over 17,000.

What is the most powerful UNSC ship?

UNSC Infinity
In early 2553, the Navy launched its most powerful warship, the UNSC Infinity, though she would not be officially commissioned for another four years. Built in secret using technology recovered from Forerunner and Covenant sources during the war, the Infinity is the UNSC’s largest and most advanced warship to date.

What is the biggest ship in the UNSC?

At 5.7 kilometers long, Infinity is the largest ship in the UNSC Navy. It is even longer than a CAS-class assault carrier, which is 5.3 kilometers long from bow to stern.

What is the smallest UNSC ship?

Light capital warship
The Light capital warship is the smallest warship classification in the UNSC, and the Covenant. This class is the most common warship in both fleets.

Why is UNSC Infinity such a big deal?

Idk if its been said Nihlus but you dont build a ship of that size and not heavily arm it. Also in halo 4s campaign i thought they said that the infinitys weapons didnt do squat to the didacts ship down in the last mission while we were flying that fighter. You do if the ship isn’t built for offensive purposes.

When did the UNSC Infinity ship come out?

Through the discovery of new worlds.” The UNSC Infinity, hull classification symbol INF-101, was an enormous and extremely formidable UNSC warship, which was completed in late 2552.

When was the UNSC Infinity assigned to Halo?

A small number of Spartan-IVs from the new program’s first official class were assigned to Infinity in January 2553. Shortly afterward, Insurrectionists led by the former Spartan-IV Ilsa Zane attempted a hostile takeover of the vessel, entering the ship disguised as a construction crew.

What kind of carrier is the Infinity class?

From Halopedia, the Halo wiki The Infinity-class supercarrier is a carrier sub-classification in service with the UNSC Navy.