Is the Grillo gait trainer adaptable to all sizes?

Is the Grillo gait trainer adaptable to all sizes?

The Grillo gait trainer is easily adaptable to all sizes and levels of trunk control. Thanks to a practical system of handles and levers, basic and additional anatomical supports can be adjusted, installed and removed simply and quickly, without requiring tools. Grillo is a patented product.

What do you need to know about Grillo walking aids?

Multi-Adjustable grip handles provide greater stability for walking children (for Mini only). Adapts to different postural needs. Included in the standard Anterior and Posterior packages. Height adjustable lower back support for an effective posterior perceptive stimulus.For Posterior frame only. Posterior belt, adjustable in circumference.

What are the sizes of the Grillo harness?

Size: Mini, Small, Medium and Large. The Grillo harness will now fasten to the pelvic support with 4 hooks instead of 2. The pelvis and chest supports are now wipeable, instead of a cloth covering.

What kind of mobility device is the Grillo?

The Grillo is an active mobility device designed for adults & kids who need support or a reference to step correctly using Anterior or Posterior frames.

How is a Grillo frame adapted to a child?

The frame can be adapted, both in static and dynamic phases, with the user in situ: the system of height adjustment with constant centre of gravity means that Grillo can accompany the growth of the child for a long time. This opens in a new window.

How does Raoul use the Grillo for swimming?

Since Raoul loves doing sports and swimming, with the Grillo we can reach the edge of the pool. He uses the Grillo also in the shower; we cover the arm supports and the seat with small plastic bags. So we can’t even think about Raoul and our daily life without the Grillo.