Is the GHD store on Amazon legit?

Is the GHD store on Amazon legit?

If you purchase from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller then they are real . GHD website state Amazon as an Authorized seller.

How much do GHDS cost?

New & Open box (17) from £65.39 & FREE Delivery ….ghd Original Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners.

RRP: £109.00
Price: £87.20
You Save: £21.80 (20%)

Is GHD flat iron worth the money?

The GHD Platinum+ styler lives up to the hype—it’s innovative, it works well, and it truly feels like a luxury tool that a stylist would use. If you use a flatiron multiple times a week and you don’t want your locks to pay the price, this is worth the investment.

How can you tell if GHDS are fake?

But an easy one to spot! A very common difference between genuine and non genuine Ghds is the shape of the power cable. Genuine Ghd power cables are NOT round in shape they are almost a flattened oval shape as you look down them (or run your finger down them). If your power cable is round in shape they are FAKE!

How can I check my GHD straighteners?

New GHD products feature a hologram label on the power cable. In position 1 the hologram should read ‘Original’. It also details a code which can be entered into the GHD website to check authenticity. In position 2 the hologram should show the GHD sunburst logo.

What’s the difference between Gold and platinum GHD straighteners?

The Platinum Plus has a faster heat-up time than the Gold. The Platinum Plus takes 20 seconds while the Gold straightener takes 25 seconds to heat up. GHD Gold is available in Rose Gold.

Are ghd straighteners the best?

ghd, a go-to brand for many, lived up to its reputation in our blind tests. Its lightweight straighteners were the panel’s favourite and the highest scorer in this year’s line-up. The rounded barrel makes creating curls and waves easier, and our testers had no trouble using it for a variety of styles.

Why ghd straighteners are so good?

The general consensus with the OG GHD straightener is that it has great features and does the job perfectly. It features floating ceramic plates that glide easily through the hair and a rounded barrel which ensures snag-free styling when you want to make waves, as well as ticking the box for safety features.

Which hair straightener is better?

Best Steam Straightener. Steam straighteners, like the less common vapor flat irons, are typically considered better for your hair because they provide more moisture, making the straightening process less drying on your strands.

What is a good hair straightener brand?

BEST BRANDS OF HAIR STRAIGHTENERS ↓ 10 – Remington. Remington is one of the most renown brand for hair straightening. ↓ 9 – BELLAMI. The BELLAMI Runway Flat Styler Iron features Rose gold Titanium Rounded floating plates. ↓ 8 – GHD. ↓ 7 – Babyliss. ↓ 6 – Braun. ↓ 5 – NuMe. ↓- 4 – l’oreal Professionnel. ↓ 3 – Bio Ionic. ↓ 2 – CLOUD 9. ↓ 1 – Toni & Guy.

What is the best flat iron for hair?

The best flat iron for curly hair or hair type 3 is titanium flat irons. Titanium flat iron is a good heat conductor. This means titanium flat irons can give consistent heat to help fight hair damage. It will also let to minimum temperature that protects the hair from damage.

When was the GHD hair straightener invented?

History Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, Susan Powls and Robert Powls founded ghd in January 2001. The three collaborated to buy the rights to a hair straightening iron from an inventor in South Korea. The brand quickly took off organically, and the company did not even begin advertising until two years after its launch.