Is the Epiphone Sheraton a good guitar?

Is the Epiphone Sheraton a good guitar?

The Epiphone Sheraton II Is a top-notch Epiphone Guitar for anyone that wants to play jazz, blues, or similar styles and wants a good instrument without spending a fortune. This guitar should be considered a mid-range instrument but it still has plenty of quality.

Is Epiphone Casino Good for jazz?

Epiphone Casino Review: Build and Finish This is a nice looking at jazz style guitar. The wood used to produce this guitar is not quite as good as some other instruments for the style but it is quite decent. The colors are very attractive and help this instrument stand out.

How good is the Epiphone Sheraton II?

I’ve owned and played a LOT of guitars over 45 years, and my Blonde [Natural] Sheraton II one of my favorites. Not only is this axe a BARGAIN, but it plays so EASILY and SOUNDS GREAT. The neck fits the hand like butter, and the double cutaway allows easy access to the high frets – even for chords.

How much does an Epiphone Sheraton weigh?

around 8.7lbs
It weighs around 8.7lbs, just perfect for everyone’s needs. The neck still has the ’60s Slim Taper neck profile, which I prefer and is made of 5-pc Hard Maple/Walnut laminate glued in. The fretboard is made of rosewood with block and triangle inlays made of beautiful Pearloid and abalone materials.

Where is Epiphone Sheraton made?

The Epiphone Sheraton may be the best guitar available in its price range. Although made in Indonesia, it rivals the best Gibsons in quality.

Are Epiphone Casinos any good?

This guitar is well built. It’s not going to fool you into thinking it’s anything but a Chinese made Epiphone, but it is at least as good as you would expect. The finish is nice, the frets are filed nicely, it looks and plays great! And, with the addition of the Bigsby, it has lots of vibe!

Who plays an Epiphone Casino?

Now made in the USA for the first time in over 50 years! Since its introduction in 1961, the Epiphone Casinoâ„¢ has been the choice of countless musicians including Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Ray Davies, Dave Davies, and Paul Weller.

Where is the Epiphone Sheraton II made?

Who uses Epiphone Sheraton?

Ted Leo used a Sheraton for many years. Ezra Koenig plays a natural Epiphone Sheraton (no pickguard). Noel Gallagher played a Sunburst Sheraton and a Union Jack painted Sheraton. Epiphone released two “Supernova” guitars based on Noel’s preference for the Sheraton body.