Is Porsche Cayman better than Boxster?

Is Porsche Cayman better than Boxster?

Where the Boxster feels a bit more agile on the road, the Cayman offers the same speed and power in a more comfortable package. The base price for both vehicles is around $90,000, so the biggest difference you’ll be shopping for is a slight comfort and rigidity edge.

Which is bigger Cayman or Boxster?

Choosing between the Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman In their standard configurations, other key differences include cargo space. Unsurprisingly, this favors the Cayman, which features 15 cubic feet of space compared to the 9.9 cubic feet of the Boxster.

Is the Cayman a hardtop Boxster?

Gallery: 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman: The hardtop Boxster is here. Much like its ragtop sibling, the updated Porsche 718 Cayman will sport two different turbocharged flat-four engines, ditching the long-standing flat-six powerplant that formerly moved the Cayman along.

What is the difference between a Boxster and a Boxster S?

Fifty horsepower is no pittance, but the difference between the base and S-model 718 Boxsters is nothing relative to the vast chasm that separates them, experientially, from their predecessors. Both yield 35 more horsepower than the 2.7- and 3.4-liter naturally aspirated flat-sixes they replace.

How much does a Porsche Boxster cost?

The base Boxster costs around $59,000, putting it on the high end of the lower range. The range-topping Boxster GTS starts at around $83,000. Check out our U.S. News Best Price Program for great savings at your local Porsche dealer.

What is the most reliable Porsche?

The Porsche Boxster topped the results list as the most reliable car in the survey whilst the new Jaguar XF and the Audi A6 were ranked as the most unreliable cars.

What model is the Porsche Boxster?

The 2006 Porsche Boxster is a two-passenger convertible sports car available with a 240 hp six-cylinder in the base model or a larger 280 hp six-cylinder in the S.

What does Boxster mean?

The Boxster’s name is derived from the word “boxer”, referring to the vehicle’s flat or ” boxer ” engine, and the word ” roadster “, referring to the vehicle’s two-seater capacity and convertible top .