Is MONQ sold in stores?

Is MONQ sold in stores?

Yes, we have a number of authorized retailers that sell MONQ worldwide. Find MONQ retailers near you by visiting

How much does MONQ cost?

How Much Does MONQ cost? Each essential portable essential oil diffusor costs $20 . However, often they have a ton of different deals and packages that you can get to come out a bit ahead. Some of these these “blend sets” are 4 MONQ pens for $69 or 7 MONQ pens for $119.

Are MONQ pens vape?

The Monq Essential Oil Pens The company has 16 flavors in their essential oil vapes range. Options include products like Love (Cacao, Divina, and Siam Wood), and Happy (fennel, thyme, and Vanilla).

What happens if I inhale MONQ?

MONQ recommends not inhaling the mist, but rather breathing it in your mouth and exhaling through your nose, so the aromas pass over your olfactory bulb, which transmits smell information from the nose to the brain, says company Chief Executive Eric Fishman, an orthopedic surgeon.

Why is MONQ not on Amazon?

On November 12, 2019, Amazon removed all devices that create mist or vapor and although we can’t speak on behalf of other brands, MOXE Diffusers contain zero nicotine, tobacco, diacetyl or banned substances. …

Is MONQ FDA approved?

The main ingredient in MONQ Therapeutic Air is high grade certified organic coconut-derived vegetable glycerin. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is vaporized by millions of people daily. It has been considered “Generally Recognized as Safe” category 1, by the FDA since 1975.

Do you inhale MONQ into your lungs?

MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs. If the MONQ aromatherapy is too strong, soften each breath by placing a finger between your mouth and the device. Users who breathe MONQ in this manner find that their diffusers last much longer.

How many times can you hit a MONQ?

MONQ is safe when used as directed. We encourage people to use MONQ 2-3 times per day, taking 2-3 gentle breaths with each use. MONQ is designed to be breathed into your mouth and then immediately out your nose. MONQ should not be inhaled into your lungs, as doing so merely lowers its effectiveness.

Is it safe to inhale MONQ?

Does MONQ go into your lungs?

MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs. If the MONQ aromatherapy is too strong, soften each breath by placing a finger between your mouth and the device. Remember, MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs, and doing so merely dilutes the beneficial effects of the terpenes you are breathing.

What happens if u inhale MONQ?

How long does a MONQ pen last?

When used gently, most MONQ users find that a MONQ will last them at least 3 weeks and 200 breaths.

Is MonQ bad for You?

Essentially all substances, salt and water included, are dangerous, at inappropriate concentrations. The same can be said of the various aromatherapy constituents found within MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers. True allergies can occur with MONQ, and can lead to meaningful health-related issues including Anaphylaxis A life-threatening allergic reaction. .

What is MonQ and does it work?

Monq is a vaping system that promises to help you “breathe organic plants”. It’s a delivery system for essential oils. Here’s our Monq review.

Can you refill MonQ?

MONQ Therapeutic Air devices are currently not refillable, but you can recycle them or check out our eco-friendly option, MONQ R, a rechargeable portable aromatherapy diffuser that allows you to switch out different Blend PODs (personal oil diffusers) while using the same rechargeable device, eliminating additional waste.

Are MonQ pens safe?

MONQ is completely safe to use. There is no tobacco or nicotine in MONQ which is why they do not consider themselves to be a vaporizer. The only ingredients in MONQ are listed on the specific page for the blend. All the ingredients are natural and organic, there are no artificial flavors or chemicals added in.