Is Mercedes GLA a family car?

Is Mercedes GLA a family car?

The Mercedes GLA is a small family car that blends chunky SUV styling with a range of economical engines, but alternatives are both more practical and more comfortable.

Is the GLA roomy?

Mercedes GLA interior space & storage While the old GLA often felt like an A-Class on steroids, the new model now feels like a proper small SUV, with features like rear seats that can slide back and forth by up to 140mm, making it comfortably spacious enough for a family of four.

Is GLA big enough for family?

Other than that, the Mercedes-Benz GLA is a surprisingly practical little SUV for our family of four. Its small size makes parking very easy and it’s a great car for around town and school and supermarket car parks, then great fun out on the open roads.

Is GLA discontinued?

The upcoming A-Class sedan and the new-gen GLA crossover are the brand’s entry-level models in its Indian line-up. With the launch of new entry-level models, the company aims to drive more volumes and win back sales, which it has lost after the discontinuation of the GLA model earlier this year.

How big is GLA 2020?

Size. The GLA is quite a long car, measuring 4,417mm long by 1,804mm wide.

Is a Mercedes GLA easy to drive?

The Mercedes GLA is easy and comfortable to drive. You get an automatic gearbox as standard but if you’re looking for excitement a BMW X2 is more fun to drive. The GLA does ease and comfort very well.

How many seats does the Mercedes GLA 250 have?

This being a Mercedes-Benz, it is guaranteed to be comfortable. The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 seats 5 people and comes with a variety of interior upholstery options including colors. Being a Mercedes-Benz, the upholstery on the seats is hand fitted.

How much cargo space does the Mercedes GLA have?

Most other luxury subcompact SUVs have more space behind the rear seats, but the GLA’s maximum capacity is pretty good for the class. A low liftover height makes it easy when you have to load something heavy.

Where is the boot space on a Mercedes GLA?

A decent glovebox, a handy cubby at the base of the dashboard and some storage under the centre armrest complete the list of stowage spaces. Rear leg room is comparable with the Audi Q3, so you won’t find your knees are jammed up against the front seat backs.

Is the Mercedes GLA Class A luxury SUV?

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA doesn’t have the flashiest or poshest cabin in the class, but it looks good and feels like a luxury SUV should. There are some hard plastics throughout the interior, but they’re well-concealed and overshadowed by the premium materials covering most surfaces.