Is it illegal to skydive?

Is it illegal to skydive?

In the United States, skydiving is a self-regulated sport, which means skydivers, in the US, voluntarily follow a set of basic safety requirements established by the U.S. Parachute Association. Federal requirements can be found in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

What is the highest legal skydive?

18,000 feet
At an exit altitude of 18,000 feet, this is the highest altitude you can jump from in the US. At a skydiving altitude of 18,000 feet, skydiving lasts for 2 minutes – that’s how long you’ll be in freefall. You’ll then be under the parachute for a few minutes as you come in to land.

Can you skydive into a city?

If you search for skydiving in the city in any US state, you’ll likely find a dropzone named after the state itself or a largely populated city and the reason has more to do with marketing than it does location. This is pretty normal to see in the skydiving industry and the skydiving world.

Is skydiving 100% safe?

No activity whether it be taking a shower, skydiving or even indoor skydiving has a 100% safety record. There is a risk in everything we do! Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things we do, and over 1.2 million people die from driving each year, yet society has determined this risk to be one worth taking.

How heavy can you be to skydive?

Most dropzones in the US strictly limit tandem student weight to 220–but Texans are larger-than-life, and we get that. We have to assess fees for women over 200 pounds and men over 220, but we can accommodate customers up to 250 pounds, based on availability.

How long is average skydive?

Generally speaking, you can expect a skydive to take 2 – 4 hours from start to finish, beginning when you arrive at a dropzone. The truth is, the answers to these big questions aren’t always the same. There are a few factors that’ll influence how long your skydive will last.

How scary is skydiving?

When it comes to being scared of heights, skydiving doesn’t even ping. Your body can’t be afraid of heights when your eyes and brain are working from a visual that simply looks like a flat map. The kind of scared you’re likely to feel has nothing to do with heights; it has to do with the unknown.