Is it going to be a bad winter in New England?

Is it going to be a bad winter in New England?

Farmers’ Almanac predicts cold, snowy winter for New England with ‘whopper’ of a storm. “But overall, the month will be stormy, especially along the Atlantic Seaboard.” An active storm track will lead to a stretch of precipitation in various forms, including rain, snow, sleet, and ice, the Almanac predicted.

Is Massachusetts going to have a snowy winter?

Massachusetts Winter Weather: Farmers’ Almanac predicts ‘near-normal’ snow, a ‘whopper’ in February, nor’easter in March. A “frosty flip-flop” winter is headed our way with “near-normal” amounts of snow from the West Coast to the East Coast, according to the Farmers’ Almanac’s 2021-2022 extended winter forecast.

Why does New England get so much snow?

The reason behind the range is, of course, the highly variable track of storms and the amount of cold air present during them each winter. Snowfall tends to cluster in extremes. There are snowy months and not-so-snowy months.

Where was the worst winter storm in New England?

Thawing of ice on December 11 caused additional power outages as wires snapped from sudden release of weight. Icing conditions extended from Buffalo to Boston. Worst glazing since December 29-30, 1942. During storm, precipitation was mostly snow in southern Vermont (6-10” reported) and plain rain in northwest Connecticut.

Where was the Blizzard of 1978 in New England?

Blizzard of 1978 (February 6-7, 1978) This storm is more well known for its impact on coastal New England and Long Island, but it still had quite an impact on eastern New York and western New England. The Green Mountains of Vermont were hit hard, with many areas reporting around two feet of snow.

Where can I find severe weather alerts for Boston?

You can also view current severe weather warnings & watches for Boston and New England on the WCVB alerts page. Check the latest weather conditions, get location-specific push alerts on your phone & view our Interactive Radar at any time with the WCVB NewsCenter 5 app.

What was the snow storm in New York in 1915?

Very cold and windy with blizzard conditions. To the south of Albany 10 to 20 inches of snow fell with 20 to more than 30 inches accumualated across portions of eastern and central New York. In Albany 23.5 inches fell. This storm stands as the greatest snowstorm for February and one of the greatest ever for Albany. December 13-15, 1915