Is FileNet a content management system?

Is FileNet a content management system?

IBM FileNet Content Manager is a flexible, full-featured content management solution that provides the foundation for IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation. Use it to create innovative business applications on any cloud and more effectively manage all your content, from any source.

What is the latest version of FileNet?

IBM FileNet P8 Platform Documentation, Version 5.5. x

Plan and Prepare Your Environment for IBM FileNet P8, V5.5.0 (GC19-3955-05) 12/2017
IBM FileNet P8 Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide, V5.5.0 (GC19-3885-05) 12/2017
IBM FileNet P8 Security Guide, V5.2.1 (GC19-3916-05) 12/2017

What is Documentum used for?

Documentum provides services such as document management, collaboration, search, content classification, input management, Business Process Management (BPM), customer communication management, and Web content management.

What is FileNet BPM?

The IBM FileNet P8 Business Process Management (BPM) product uses the XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) V2. It combines the enterprise content management with comprehensive business process management and compliance capabilities.

What is Documentum API?

In principle, the term Documentum REST API refers to a web interface introduced with Documentum 7 that allows access to objects and functions of OpenText Documentum. This is based on Spring-Boot, is delivered as a WAR file and must be installed on an application server – e.g. Apache Tomcat.

What is the role of the FileNet P8 platform?

The FileNet P8 platform provides the baseline components for enterprise content management solutions. These components address enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management requirements. Additional components can be added to a system to enable additional capabilities.

Which is the low level view of FileNet architecture?

Magnetic Disk includes both rewritable magnetic disk (NAS, SAN, iSCSI) and WORM magnetic disk (NetApp SnapLock, EMC Centera, etc.) offerings. The low level view is intended for a much more technical audience those that will do architectural designs or implementation of the FileNet solution. This is on the logical architecture level.

Who are the authors of IBM FileNet P8?

IBM FileNet P8 Platform and Architecture IBM FileNet P8 Platform and Architecture Wei-Dong (Jackie) Zhu Nicholas Buchanan Michael Oland Thorsten Poggensee Pablo E Romero Chuck Snow Margaret Worel Architecture and expansion products Security, infrastructure, and scalability information Front cover