Is Danielle Graham married?

Is Danielle Graham married?

Randall Graham
Danielle Graham/Spouse
Personal life. In 2014, she married Randall Graham, the creative director of MuchMusic in Parry Sound, Ontario. She has 1 daughter Beatrix Barbara Graham (born July 1, 2016) and another daughter named Marigold James Graham (born January 2020).

How old is Danielle Graham?

About 41 years (1980)
Danielle Graham/Age

Is Danielle Graham on maternity leave?

Welcomed by co-anchor Danielle Graham, who is currently on maternity leave, and Lainey Lui, who is filling in for Graham, Edwards marked the first night in his new role with an exclusive interview with Alicia Keys and coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Where is Etalk filmed?

Since March 2008, etalk has been produced from 299 Queen Street West. The show shared production space with Citytv’s Breakfast Television and CityLine until September 8, when Citytv’s moved to its new headquarters at 33 Dundas Street East.

Who is the anchor on Etalk?

Tyrone Edwards
Hosted by anchors Tyrone Edwards and Lainey Lui, who is backfilling permanent anchor Danielle Graham’s maternity leave, and senior correspondent Traci Melchor, reporters Chloe Wilde, Sonia Beeksma, and L.A. correspondent Liz Trinnear, ETALK is the #1 most-watched entertainment newsmagazine in Canada.

Is Sonia beeksma still married?

As of today, Beeksma is married and has a daughter Mariah, born in 2011.

What does etalk stand for?

etalk (formerly known as eTalk Daily) is a Canadian entertainment news television show that also serves as the flagship entertainment program for CTV, anchored by Danielle Graham and Tyrone Edwards.

Who left etalk?

Ben Mulroney
CTV says Ben Mulroney will step down as anchor of celebrity news show etalk to make room for ‘diverse voices’ after a scandal involving his wife, Jessica Mulroney.

Who is the weather girl on your morning?

Kelsey McEwen –
Kelsey McEwen – Chief Meteorologist, Co-Host of Your Morning – Bell Média | LinkedIn.

Who is Sonia husband?

Mark Moses

Who owns eTalk?

in 2000, eNow relaunched as etalk, a weekly entertainment-oriented talk show hosted by Ben Mulroney with a variety of rotating guest panelists. It was produced by the CTV-owned talktv (now MTV) and taped on the set of The Chatroom, of which Mulroney was a co-host.

Who left eTalk?