Is Dandy still printed?

Is Dandy still printed?

The Dandy, the UK’s oldest children’s comic, will cease weekly print publication and go online only after its 75th anniversary edition in December, publisher DC Thomson has confirmed.

Why did the Dandy comic end?

A spokeswoman for Dandy publisher DC Thomson confirmed that the closure of the print title was being considered as part of a review of the company’s magazine business, but indicated that characters such as Desperate Dan would continue to exist online.

How many Dandy annuals are there?

The Dandy Annual is the current name of the book that has been published every year since 1938, to tie in with the children’s comic The Dandy. As of 2015 there have been 78 editions.

How much are Dandy comics worth?

Generally speaking Dandy comics tend to sell for less than Beanos, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth putting them on eBay. This monster annual sold for £150 after 21 bids in May. It was described as being in very good condition despite being well over 70 years old.

Why is it called The Dandy?

DANDY appeared in English circa 1780. It either came from the Scottish DANDY, short for Andrew; or derived from the French DANDIN. Originally, were contemptuously called DANDIES, in the frontier region between Scotland and England, the young men who went to church or to the annual fair in an eccentric suit.

Is The Dandy British?

The Dandy was a British children’s comic magazine published by the Dundee based publisher DC Thomson. From August 2007 until October 2010, it was rebranded as Dandy Xtreme. One of the best selling comics in the UK, along with The Beano, The Dandy reached sales of two million a week in the 1950s.

What is the world’s longest-running comic?

Action Comics received a world record title for it’s longest ongoing superhero comic book series. DC comics was awarded the world record title for its seniority for over eight decades of rollicking superhero adventures. It started as a weekly publication that turned monthly after a couple of years.

What year was the first Dandy annual?

The Dandy comic was first published in December 1937 and continued until December 2012 in printed form, and then for a further six months online.

When did the Dandy annual start?

‘ The first edition of ‘The Dandy Comic’ was published on 4 December 1937. It was edited by then 25-year-old Albert Barnes, who remained as editor until he retired 45 years later in 1982. He had a large chin, which led many to speculate that his was the inspiration for Desperate Dan’s jawline.

Are dandy books worth anything?

Books from this period are rare and hugely sought after. A 1940 Beano annual fetched £3,505 in October 2012, but a “very fine” copy could be worth double that amount, while a 1939 Dandy made £6,232 in September 2006, said the annual “devotee” and comic-collecting expert.

Which came first Dandy or Beano?

History. The first issue, under the name The Dandy Comic, was published on 4 December 1937. It was published weekly until 6 September 1941, when wartime paper shortages forced it to change to fortnightly, alternating with The Beano. It returned to weekly publication on 30 July 1949.

When did the last issue of the Dandy come out?

The final printed edition was issued on 4 December 2012, the comic’s 75th anniversary, after sales slumped to 8,000 a week. On the same day, The Dandy relaunched as an online comic, The Digital Dandy, appearing on the Dandy website and in the Dandy App. The digital relaunch was not successful and the comic ended just six months later.

How many copies of the Dandy comic are there?

But its circulation has plummeted to about 8,000 copies a week in recent years, from a peak of two million in the 1950s. Publisher DC Thomson has now launched the comic online, and as a smartphone and tablet app.

Who was on the cover of the first Dandy Xtreme?

Unlike previous incarnations, Dandy characters did not necessarily grace the cover every issue; instead, celebrities and other cartoon characters were featured; the first Dandy Xtreme had Bart Simpson on the cover. The Dandy Xtreme had a theme for each issue, usually a film or TV show.

When did the first Dandy Summer Special come out?

Text stories at two pages each were “Jimmy’s Pocket Grandpa”, “British Boys and Girls Go West”, “There’s a Curse on the King” and “Swallowed by a Whale!” In 1963 the first Dandy summer special was published, a joint Dandy-The Beano summer special; the first exclusively Dandy Summer Special was released the following year.