How to remove sc project dB killer?

How to remove sc project dB killer?

Use the high speed setting on your drill. The high speed drilling helps to keep the carbon from splintering. Once you remove this bolt, you will able to remove the dB killer. It seems the easiest way to remove a dB killer is to press or tap it out from the inside of the exhaust.

Is SC project loud?

The most common misconception with SC-Project is that ALL of our exhausts are LOUD. Sure, full race systems are free flowing and will have increased volume over a stock exhaust system. SC-Project is most well known for its CR-T exhaust.

Is SC project illegal?

Using them on the public roads is illegal by law. Police forces from multiple states have targeted Royal Enfield motorcycles for installing aftermarket exhausts. Till now, thousands of Royal Enfield motorcycles have been fined by the police for such exhausts.

Are SC project exhausts good?

The SC-Project cans look and sound good, are a breeze to fit and appear to be well made, with a flawless finish. At AUD$1,190 direct from the Australasian distributor they’re pretty good value too.

How do I remove db killer from Termignoni?

Clever: for under $5 at your local hardware store you can make a baffle puller, as I did. (See attached pic.) The idea is to hook the vertical bar that is inside the Termignoni DB killer, then tap the wood block with a hammer. The baffle will come right out with a few taps.

Is SC Project exhaust legal in India?

Aftermarket exhausts in India are illegal unless approved by the RTO. This means that only those aftermarket exhausts that are sold by automakers as an authorized accessory are legal in the country as they are in compliance with the rules mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act.

Are slip on exhausts universal?

Every motorcycle has a slightly different exhaust system. Even the most universal kit can only be used with a select range of bikes. Slip-on exhausts are common with sport bikes and off-roaders.