How tall is a Christmas tree in inches?

How tall is a Christmas tree in inches?

Christmas trees can range from a petite 36 inches to a towering 14 feet. Ensure a good fit by determining your floor space and ceiling height before choosing a tree. It’s a good idea to leave 6 to 12 inches of space between the top of your tree and the ceiling to accommodate a decorative tree topper.

How big is a 7ft Christmas tree?

Generally, one that measures 7 feet is less than 47 inches in diameter. An artificial pencil Christmas tree has the sharpest profile among the three. Its diameter is up to 60% smaller, usually 19 to 23 inches for a 7-foot tree.

How tall should my Xmas tree be?

Choose the Right Height

Tree Height Recommendations
7 TO 7 ½ FEET Standard 8- to 9-foot ceilings
8 TO 9 FEET Rooms with high ceilings
10 TO 14 FEET Public spaces and vaulted ceilings
15 TO 18 FEET Tall Christmas trees for grand displays

Is a 7ft Christmas tree too big?

A 7 ½-foot Christmas tree is the perfect size for 9-foot ceilings. You can be sure the tree won’t hug the ceiling, and you’ll have plenty of space to top the tree with a shining star. If you have 10-foot ceilings, it’s safe to size up and choose a 9-foot tree.

What is the best Christmas tree size?

What is a fiber optic Christmas tree?

There are two types of fiber optic Christmas trees: One that is fully covered with lights so it appears like a wispy strand of fiber optics. The other one is the regular artificial tree that looks like natural trees. Its limbs are decorated with dotted fiber optics that are mostly multicolored.

What are Fibre optic lights?

What is Fiber Optic Lighting? Fiber optic lighting utilizes optical fiber (flexible fiber made of glass or plastic) to transmit light from a light source to a remote location. It is comprised of a core and cladding (coating) that trap light, allowing light to travel long distances.