How much does it cost to ship live crawfish?

How much does it cost to ship live crawfish?

Live Deep Water Lake Crawfish (jumbo) 10-12 count to lb., 35 lbs. minimum (100 lbs. and over, call for price) NOTE: These crawfish are shipped separately from all other products. $6.75/lb.
FRESH or FROZEN Boiled Louisiana Crawfish XL 14-16 count to lb., fully cooked (100 lbs. and over, Call for price)2 $4.95/lb.

When can I buy live crawfish?

Next, you should know when it’s the best season to ship live crawfish. While we ship crawfish any time during crawfish season, we recommend that you order during March, April, and May for the best quality and freshness. That when the mudbugs are nice and big just the way we like ’em, cher!

Can you ship crawfish?

We ship all over the United States because we know that LA crawfish is the only boiling crawfish that people want. Order with Cajun Crawfish for your next crawfish boil and we’ll send them right away. If we take your order, we ship it. We track your crawfish and take your calls until it delivered, even on Saturday.

Can you ship live crawfish to Illinois?

On the odd chance that something does happen, we will do everything in our power to try to fix it. Note: We cannot ship live crawfish to Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania or Washington State.

How much does a crawfish boil cost?

How much does a crawfish boil cost?

Live Louisiana Crawfish (large) 16 count to lb. (100 lbs. and over, call for price) $4.15/lb.
Crawfish Tails, fat on – Fresh or Frozen (Domestic) $15.95/lb.

How long does it take to purge crawfish?

Though seldom employed, commercial depuration, or purging, confines freshly harvested crawfish in water for one or two days without food prior to further sales.

How much does a sack of crawfish cost?

“Supply is very low right now, so prices are high,” King said. “On The Crawfish App, we are seeing on average $5 to $6 per pound for live crawfish by the sack, and $7 to $8 per pound for boiled crawfish.”

How many pounds of crawfish are in a sack?

How many pounds of crawfish are in a sack? Each bag on average weighs between 28 to 35 lbs and is typically enough crayfish for 12 or less people, depending on how many other fixings you may have with your crayfish boil.

How much is 2020 crawfish per pound?

Right now, a pound of boiled crawfish is going for about $3.75. The price for live and ready-to-boil crawfish is about $2.80.

Why can crawfish be shipped to Illinois?

Red swamp crayfish are native to Illinois, native in those waters in extreme southern Illinois. Crayfish, in general, are highly invasive outside their native ranges, so transport of any live wild bait, including crayfish, is not allowed.

Where can I get Fresh crawfish in the US?

Fresh crawfish delivery Nationwide* – We ship live crawfish to your door. *We are unable to ship Live crawdads to the states of Hawaii, Washington, Michigan, Idaho, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Oregon due to restrictions by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

How long have they been shipping live crawfish?

We have been shipping live crawfish since 1983. We make every effort to ensure live delivery when you need it. We want to ensure that you’re getting the freshest possible crawfish, no matter where you live in the country. We ship all over the United States because we know that LA crawfish is the only boiling crawfish that people want.

What’s the best way to eat a live crawfish?

Hold the head – Hold the head with one hand and extend the tail all the way out. 2. Twist the head off – Place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the head and twist until the head separates from the tail. 3. Grab the tail – Put the head aside and focus on the tail, to get all the best meat.

Is it possible to get crawfish delivered to your door?

Only the largest crawfish companies have the necessary size to get a competitive rate and logistical support from the major freight carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS). You can get crawfish delivery to your door, but it’s important to make sure your address is accurate and verified by the carrier.