How much does it cost to park at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport?

How much does it cost to park at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport?

Long-Term MSP Parking Rates

Garage Rate
Daily Parking: $26
Quick Parking: $15
Valet Parking: $45
Terminal 1 Hourly Parking: $26

Which terminal is southwest at MSP?

Departures Terminal: Southwest Airlines uses Terminal 2 at Minneapolis Airport.

Can you reserve parking at MSP?

You can now book a parking spot at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, much like you book a flight. The airport’s website is offering reservations at the ramps at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It lets travelers prepay for a parking spot as much as six months in advance.

What terminal is frontier at MSP?

Terminal 2
At Terminal 2, you’ll find the following airlines: Condor. Frontier Airlines.

How much does it cost to park at MSP Airport for a week?

Paul Airport Parking Rates & Options. Parking at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport costs from $5 for short-term parking to $40 per day Valet Parking.

How much does it cost to park at MSP per day?


First Hour $5
Each Additional Hour $3
Daily Maximum Charge $26

How early should I arrive at MSP terminal 2?

two hours
Please arrive at MSP two hours before domestic flights and three hours prior to international travel. This allows for enough time to check your bags, be screened and arrive at your gate.

How much does it cost to park at MSP airport for a week?

Is Frontier a Terminal 1?

Frontier Airlines, which currently operates out of Terminal 1 at Minneapolis-St.

How much does it cost to park at Terminal 2 MSP?

PARKING RATES For Terminal 2 travelers, daily parking is $36 a day at that terminal. The two terminals are connected via light rail. Valet parking is available for those in a hurry at Terminal 1. Rates are $10 the first hour and $3 each additional hour, with a maximum daily charge of $45.

Can I park overnight at Mall of America?

There is no overnight parking at Mall of America which includes Lindau Lot. There is no dropping off, picking up or parking allowed on the ring road surrounding Mall of America. Please park vehicles in designated parking lots and ramps.

Is there free parking at MSP Minneapolis airport?

You’ll park your car at nearby licensed airport parking facility and taking a FREE shuttle to the MSP Minneapolis Airport terminal — parking offerings for the airport have never been this cheap! This airport parking offer comes with FREE parking cancellations.

Is there a parking lot at MSP Terminal 2?

EZ Air Park provides short or long term parking near the MSP airport with non-stop shuttle service to Minneapolis St. Paul International MSP Airport Terminal 1 and Humphrey Terminal 2 (the MSP Value Parking Lot).

Where to pick up and drop off at MSP airport?

Parking in the airport’s covered, short-term ramps is a low-cost option. And you can walk from parking to the terminal without ever going outside. A complimentary 39-space cell phone lot also is available on Post Road, approximately halfway between the terminals.

What do you need to know about MSP airport?

Know which airline your traveler will be leaving or arriving on. This is the most important piece of information you’ll need to have. There are two terminals at MSP Airport – Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 – with different airlines flying out of each. Check the Airlines section of the site to be sure you know which terminal your traveler will use.