How much does a crystal opal cost?

How much does a crystal opal cost?

Top quality crystal opal may fetch prices of up to AUD $2,500 per carat for a gem quality stone. The clarity and transparency of a crystal opal often enhances the appearance of the colour and therefore gives the stone a higher value than a standard opaque stone. Read more about valuation of opals.

How much is Australian opal worth?

Australian Opal Value Per Carat Once categorized, opals are sold in price per carat, or weight. Because there are so many opal fields in Australia, there really is no singular form of opal. This means that opal costs can vary from about $10 per carat to approximately $6,000 per carat.

Are Crystal opals expensive?

Value. A crystal opal of the highest quality may fetch a price that amounts up to AUD $2500 per carat. A crystal opal will always be more valuable than a stone with a similar body tone, without the clarity rendered by translucence. The more the diaphaneity of an opal stone, the greater its value.

Where is the best place to buy Australian opals?

Where to Buy Authentic Opals in Australia

  • Lightning Ridge Opal Mines. Shop, Store.
  • Johnston Opals. Shop, Store.
  • Opal Minded. Shop, Store.
  • Opals Down Under. Shop, Store.
  • Fremantle Opals. Store, Shop.
  • Quilpie Opals. Store, Shop.
  • Coober Pedy. Natural Feature.

Is it cheaper to buy opals in Australia?

Why? The reason is because this bustling city is the world’s leading opal market, with prices per karat of opal about 30% to 40% less than in Australia, 50% less than in the United States. Some superstitious people think that opals are unlucky–unless they’re your birthstone (October) or are given to you as a gift.

How can you tell if an opal is real?

Most genuine solid opals have an irregularity in this area – curved or bumpy due to their natural formation – whereas a man-made stone will be perfectly flat because the two sections are flattened so they can be glued together. Be especially wary if the opal is set in jewellery and you cannot see its back or side.

Why is Australian Opal so expensive?

Australian opals are so expensive because they exhibit an exceptional combination of traits that make an opal valuable. Australian opals are truly a gem, and we mean that more than literally.

Is opal mined in Australia?

Opal is found around the world (Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and the western US) however Australia produces 95% of the world’s precious opal and it is our official national gemstone. (see Google Arts and Culture – Australian opals). Opal was first mined commercially at Listowel Downs in Queensland in 1875 and later at White Cliffs in NSW.

Where is Australian opal found?

Opal is mined in South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales . A trip to the mining fields in whatever state is a wonderful journey into the Australian Outback. The most famous opal mining towns are Coober Pedy and Andamooka in South Australia. White Cliffs and Lightning Ridge are in New South Wales. The latter is well-known for its black opal.

What is an Australian opal?

Australian opal is referred to as “sedimentary opal” because it is hosted predominantly by sedimentary rocks of the Mesozoic Great Artesian Basin . Australian precious opals usually contain around 5-6% water and consists of small silica spheres arranged in a regular pattern.