How many seats does a Dash 8 300 have?

How many seats does a Dash 8 300 have?


Dash 8-100 Dash 8-300
Length 73ft 0in 84ft 3in
Maximum Weight 34,500 lb 43,000 lb
Capacity (pax) 37 50 – 56
Cruise speed 310 mph 328 mph

What is a Qantas Dash 8 service?

As the Dash 8 features an all-economy layout, all seats have the same pitch and width, except for the exit row seats which are located in the front of the cabin. The best out of the four exit row seats would probably be 1B in terms of legroom, as the other three have a bulkhead in front, restricting legroom.

How fast does a Dash 8 fly?

DASH 8 Q400 – Range, Max Cruising Speed & Max Operating Altitude. The Dash 8 Q400 range is 1.100 nautical miles (2.040 km). The Max cruising speed is 360 kts (667 km/h).

What kind of aircraft is QantasLink Dash 8 300?

There’s 3 different version of this aircraft, Dash 8-200, Dash 8-300, and Dash 8 Q400. There’s 3 Dash 8-200, 11 Dash 8-300, and 31 Dash 8 Q400. This turboprop aircraft flights on domestic routes, and operated by domestic carrier, such as Eastern Australia Airlines, and Sunstate Airlines

How many seats are there on Qantas Dash 8?

36 Economy seats. 50 Economy seats. 74 Economy seats. Configurations can vary from service to service and are subject to change without notice.

When was the first Q300 DHC-8 Dash 8 delivered?

The first of three DHC-8-Q300 MSA aircraft was delivered to the Swedish coastguard in May 2008. This variant was also ordered in March 2006 by National Air Support (NAS) of Australia on behalf of Australian customs. Three aircraft were delivered and another two were converted from the fleet of National Jet Systems.

What’s the maximum range of a Bombardier DHC-8 Dash 8?

The Bombardier Q300 DHC-8 Dash 8 aircraft can fly at a maximum cruise speed of 528km/h. Its maximum altitude is 7,620m. The maximum range of the aircraft is 1,558km. The take-off and landing length of the airliner are 1,178m and 1,041m respectively.