How many mg of Tamiflu should a child take?

How many mg of Tamiflu should a child take?

Pediatric Patients (1 Year To 12 Years Of Age)

Weight Treatment Dosage for 5 days Volume of Oral Suspension (6 mg/mL) for each Dose†
15 kg or less 30 mg twice daily 5 mL
15.1 kg to 23 kg 45 mg twice daily 7.5 mL
23.1 kg to 40 kg 60 mg twice daily 10 mL
40.1 kg or more 75 mg twice daily 12.5 mL

How far apart should you take Tamiflu?

Q: How do you get Tamiflu? A: You can only get this medication by visiting your healthcare provider within 48 hours of feeling any symptoms. Once prescribed, patients take it twice a day for five days.

How quickly does Tamiflu work?

“The most efficacy is received when treatment starts within 48 hours after symptoms start to appear.” Govorkova said Tamiflu is clinically proven to reduce the duration of influenza symptoms by one to two days, which may not seem like much.

How much paracetamol can a 30 kg child have?

Paracetamol dosing chart
20 kg 12 mL 6 mL
25 kg 15 mL 7.5 mL
30 kg 18 mL 9 mL
35 kg 20 mL 10 mL

How many times can I give paracetamol to my baby?

Do not give your child more than 4 doses of paracetamol in 24 hours. Wait at least 4 hours between doses.

Who shouldnt take Tamiflu?

People at risk of complications from the flu because their immune system doesn’t work well. children younger than 2 years. adults 65 years and older. people with diabetes, asthma or heart disease.

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