How many endings does Radiant Historia?

How many endings does Radiant Historia?

While there are multiple endings depending on the path taken by the player, there are only two canon endings; the standard version, and an extended version unlocked by completing all side quests.

Is Radiant Historia turn based?

Radiant Historia blends a familiar turn-based battle format with an innovative grid-based strategy system. In each encounter, enemies appear on a 3×3 grid, opening up a multitude of clever possibilities—push, pull, and otherwise force the enemies around the grid, and then smash them all at once on the same square.

How do you beat Heiss Radiant Historia?

To lessen damage, have Stocke use Push Assault to move Heiss to the back row, then chain together turns to Stocke can cast Fire several times in a row to deal major damage to Heiss, without Heiss casting Blood Pain between attacks.

Who made Radiant Historia?

Radiant Historia/Developers

How do you beat the Black Chronicle?

The Black Chronicle is fought, alongside an infinite number of Shadows, at the end of the game immediately before the boss Apocrypha. It cannot be damaged unless a Shadow is on the same tile as it, so using Gafka and Aht, both of whom have pushing-related skills, is a good idea.

How to get to the end of Radiant Historia?

In order to gain access to the Ending Chapter, you must have completed all quest marked with a Key Icon from Nemesia. If you have completed those quests from above, then you should have access to the Ending Chapter.

Where do you get divine water in Radiant Historia?

Open the chest to get 2 Divine Water .Then examine the Book Sculpture at the north corner. It requires a Red Mask to fix. After fixing the three Book Sculptures, a new warp will appear at the bottom of Granorg. When you’re all prepared, take the warp to go to the Hall of Binding.

Where are the treasure chests in Radiant Historia?

Examine the treasure chest on the northeast corner., this requires a Red Disc to unlock. The treasure contains a Guard Down+. Then head downstairs, and examine the Book Sculpture to the left. This will require a Red Flag to fix. Then go downstairs, and to the southwest corner, there is two chests.

Where to find sacred spring in Radiant Historia?

The Sacred Spring area is just a straight line, on the right, there is a Book Sculpture, this requires the Red Hourglass to activate. Then go past the vine monster, you will find a chest in the top left corner. This chest requires the Red Idol artifact to activate. This will give you the Magic Fruit.