How many Canada goose decoys do I need?

How many Canada goose decoys do I need?

I’ve done great with 12 decoys per hunter. It takes this many to conceal a hunter in a layout blind. Cochran echoes Bartz’s advice: “You’ve got to be in the center of the bullseye—right where the geese want to go—when you’re hunting with three dozen or fewer decoys.

What are the best Canada goose decoys?

If successful hunts are what you live for, check out the our top goose decoys of the year

  • Avian-X AXP/AXF Sleepers.
  • DSD Giant.
  • Dakota Lesser Canada Floaters.
  • GHG One Piece Lesser.
  • Bigfoot Sleeper Shells.
  • Lucky Duck Super Goose Flapper.
  • Tanglefree Canada Floater.
  • Dive Bomb V2 Canada.

How many goose decoys do you need for early season?

Using fewer decoys tends to be more realistic in the early season, when geese travel in family groups rather than large flocks. One- to three-dozen decoys is usually plenty. However, if you luck upon a massive flock hitting a field, by all means, mimic with added decoys. Arrange family groups of five to seven decoys.

How many decoys do you need to traffic geese?

“Generally, the more decoys, the better,” Hudnall says. “If you have a limited number to work with, you can make the spread look larger by arranging small groups of four to six decoys and really spreading them out.” The exception to the big-spread rule is when you are targeting a smaller group of geese.

Does goose decoy size matter?

Now are they going to mind the difference in size between a lesser decoy and a standard, no. When you look at a flock of geese in the field not all geese are the same size or shade of color for that matter.

What keeps Canadian geese away?

The most effective way to scare geese away is with trained goose-herding dogs. Herding dogs convince geese they are not safe from predators. This should only be done by specially trained dogs working with a handler. Dogs handled properly put geese in flight and the geese leave an area entirely.

Are GHG decoys good?

These are good decoys. They are very well painted and have good poses. I have had teal land next to these decoys countless times early morning before legal hunting time started and they just remained there. My hunting partner even mentioned how he could not distinguish the real birds from the decoys in the low light.

Do you need decoys to hunt geese?

So is it possible to hunt geese without decoys? The short answer is yes but it will require work. Here are a few of your considerations to improve your chances of successfully hunting geese without decoys: Locate exactly where the geese are feeding and roosting.

Will Snow geese land with Canadian geese?

Canada geese do not feed as aggressively as snows they will feed as a group usually and do not hop around and chase like snows do. Canada geese will land on the downwind side of the spread and walk in to the body of the group.

Is 2 dozen decoys enough?

Others simply don’t have the time or inclination to transport, deploy, and pick up a large spread every time they hunt. The truth is, in many situations a small spread will work just as well as a big one. A waterfowler with two dozen decoys and a healthy dose of hunting savvy can still enjoy quality gunning.

Are there any decoys that look like Canada geese?

No matter what Real Geese silhouette decoys you chose, it’s important to note that by combining the Magnum Lites or Pro Series with the Pro Series II and the Sit’n Geese, a goose hunter can now have 54 different poses of Canada Goose silhouette decoys in their field spread! No other decoy company can make that claim.

How big is a Canada goose field shell decoy?

Standard Size Canada Goose Field Shell Sleepers decoy (6 Pk) You’ll love the convenience and looks of this a heavy duty, field shell goose. It was designed with awesome feather detail by an award winning,… You have asked and Real-Geese have answered. Announcing the Shadow series Sleeper pack.

What kind of decoys are in Canadian waterfowl supplies?

Welcome to Canada’s waterfowl company for hunting gear. Canadian Waterfowl Supplies carries goose decoys from Higdon Decoys, Avian X, Tanglefree Waterfowl, Real Geese, Dakota Decoy, and more. Field or water, full body or silhouette decoys, we have the products that can help you with a successful hunt.

Is there a company that makes goose decoys?

No other decoy company can make that claim. Our goose decoys and duck decoys are manufactured here in the United States of America with an experienced staff that is anxious to help you become a more successful waterfowl hunter. We hope you find our site informative and enjoyable.