How long does Air Force UPT take?

How long does Air Force UPT take?

about 54 weeks
The entire course lasts about 54 weeks. Students learn with, and are taught by, U.S. Air Force officers and officers from various air forces of our European allies. Student pilots first fly the T-37 mastering contact, instrument, low-level and formation flying.

How many flight hours do you get at UPT?

The USAF sends UPT students to a flight screening program. It lasts a few weeks and includes about 20 hours of flying.

Where is airforce UPT?

AETC is headquartered at Randolph Air Force Base, Joint Base San Antonio Texas. AETC is the primary training and professional education command in the Air Force….

Air Education and Training Command
Commander Lt Gen Marshall B. Webb
Deputy Commander Maj Gen Andrea D. Tullos

What is Air Force UPT?

If you look at US Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) as a single year-long Hunger Game, it can seem pretty daunting. You’ll learn about pilot physiology, weather, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, and more. Unlike high school and college, you only study one subject at any given time during this phase.

What is upt drop night?

Drop Night is a celebratory night towards the end of pilot training where the United States Air Force “drops” every pilot’s plane + assignment location in the graduating class + in typical AF fashion…they do it by hosting a big ol’ party!

What should I expect at UPT?

UPT is a challenging 54-week program! From start to finish, you will be working long, hard 10- to 12-hour days, with little down time or opportunity to take leave. Your days, evenings, and many weekends will be consumed with academics, study, mission preparation, simulator practice, and training flights.

Where do you go after UPT?

After you track select and complete UPT, you will move to your operation squadron. At your squadron’s base, you will complete the Basic Course (B-Course) for your airframe where you will learn to fly your aircraft operationally. Depending on the airframe, the B-Course may take anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

Can I fly in the Air Force?

No! The Air Force focuses on flying, but only a small fraction of personnel actually fly. Most airmen and airwomen work on flight support missions, handle base affairs, protect bases, construct new airstrips, guard missile sites and even do rescues.

Can you take leave during UPT?

Typically, students are not allowed to take leave during pilot training, so don’t plan any extra time off, vacations, or events during your year of pilot training. This is the night where UPT students will receive their assignment – their future aircraft and location.

How do you get selected for UPT?

You must start UPT by the time you reach your 30th birthday; so if you’re getting into your upper twenties, get moving! If you are a non-rated commissioned officer already, you shouldn’t delay applying for UPT either—you’ll become ineligible for UPT after your fifth year of service.

Which UPT base is best?

— Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Vance Air Force Base continued its record of being the most productive pilot training base in the Air Force in 2020, and it is moving forward by implementing new training processes and major upgrades to base infrastructure.

Can a foreign national go to Air Force UPT?

Air Force UPT trains all active duty as well as Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve pilots. In addition, student pilots from dozens of allied countries from around the world attend UPT and you can expect foreign national officers in your class.

Are there any UPT bases that offer pilot training?

Several UPT bases offer the JSUPT experience, that is Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training – this means USAF and USN students and instructors. Joint training is becoming more prevalent in today’s military.

Where is the UpT ceremony held at a USAF base?

This is a formal, and usually raucous, event held in your base auditorium with many friends and family in attendance. This is the night where UPT students will receive their assignment – their future aircraft and location. Awards are given, UPT class videos are shown, and students celebrate with a huge party afterwards.

How long is the JSUPT program in the Air Force?

Officer development topics include Air Force doctrine, rated officer duties, flying assignments, and perspectives of senior noncommissioned officers and senior officers. The JSUPT program lasts approximately 52 weeks. After successfully completing JSUPT, officers receive their silver wings and are awarded the aeronautical rating of pilot.