How long do Hayward LED pool lights Last?

How long do Hayward LED pool lights Last?

How long does the light last? The life expectancy for a Colorlogic light is 50,000 hours. The light will perform for over 10,000 hours without any noticeable loss of brightness.

How do I reset my Hayward pool light?

To re-synchronize your lights, turn the switch on, then back off, then wait between 11 and 14 seconds and turn the switch back on. When the lights come back on, they should enter program #1, and be synchronized.

Is there a standard size pool light?

The most basic illumination you can get, incandescent white lights come in two sizes, one designed for pools at about 9 – 11 inches in diameter and a smaller one for spas with a diameter of about 5 – 6 inches. The exact size will depend upon the make and model as this varies from one manufacturer to another.

Are LED pool lights worth the money?

An LED light will save you roughly 75% on your energy usage compared to a comparable incandescent light. REMEMBER, that LED pool lights cost more, on average, than a simple incandescent light so your cost savings will not start till you recoup the additional money that you spent on the LED lights.

Do pool lights use a lot of electricity?

Energy efficiency LED pool lighting is more expensive up front than halogen or incandescent lights, they will save you in the long run due to their energy-efficiency. Incandescent lights typically run from 300 to 500 watts, whereas LED bulbs use as little as 42 watts.

How do you adjust pool lights?

Much like any other light in your home, the most common way to control your pool light is with the use of a traditional ON/OFF switch. You can simply flip the switch up or down to turn on or off your pool light. Sometimes though, the most difficult part is finding the correct switch.

Can a pool light electrocute you?

You can get electrocuted by a pool light in a swimming pool. It can cause serious injury and even death. An experienced electrocution lawyer can help victims and families recover the pain and suffering compensation or wrongful death damages they are entitled to under the law.

Can a faulty pool light electrocute you?

You can get electrocuted by a pool light where faulty wiring or defective lighting equipment causes an electrical current to be released into the water and you come into contact with the electrified water.

What kind of LED light does a Hayward pool use?

Hayward SP0527SLED50 Pool Color Light-LED with 50-Feet 120-Volt Cord. Forget about lighting as you know it. Color Logic’s patented Chromacore technology combined with a micro-processor and the most advanced LED’s in the industry to deliver high intensity and an un matched selection of colors.

What kind of Lights do I need for a pool?

For New Construction ColorLogicĀ® 4.0 lighting incorporates innovation and technology as the leading underwater light. It provides brighter, more vivid colors and light shows that are energy efficient, with feature rich options for pools and spas. Sign In or Register to access your lists.

Why do you need a Hayward pool filter?

For over 80-years, Hayward has been helping pool owners enjoy the pleasures of pool ownership by manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide. Our goal is that at the end of the day, your only concern is to turn your equipment on and off.

How big is the accent light in a swimming pool?

The new accent lighting provides total color coordination of all water environments, and is the easiest 1.5″ light to install.