How hot is Kepler 78b?

How hot is Kepler 78b?

3,500 to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit
At that close proximity, the surface of Kepler 78b is infernally hot: 3,500 to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or “well above the temperature where rock melts,” said Andrew W. Howard, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii and the lead author of one of two papers being published in the journal Nature.

Is Kepler 78b habitable?

While it is about the size of Earth, Kepler 78b is most certainly not habitable, due to its extreme proximity to its host star.

Who discovered Kepler 7b?

Kepler-7b is one of the first five exoplanets to be confirmed by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, and was confirmed in the first 33.5 days of Kepler’s science operations….Kepler-7b.

Temperature 1,540 K (1,270 °C; 2,310 °F)

What is Kepler-10b made of?

Consequently, CoRoT-7b may be revealed to be a lava-ocean planet, whereas Kepler-10b must be predominantly made of rock or iron.

Is there a planet made of lava?

Candidates. There are no known lava worlds in the Solar System and the existence of extrasolar lava planets remains theoretical. Several known exoplanets are likely lava worlds, given their small enough masses, sizes, and orbits. Likely lava exoplanets include COROT-7b, Kepler-10b, and Kepler-78b.

Is there water on Kepler-7b?

Kepler-7b was discovered in 2010. Although it is 1.5 times larger than Jupiter, it less than half as massive. Its Styrofoam-like density is less than that of water, making it one of the least-dense planets ever discovered.

What type of star is Kepler-7b?

sunlike star
Kepler-7 is a sunlike star that is 1.347 Msun and 1.843 Rsun. This means that the star is about 35% more massive and 84% wider than the Sun. The star is estimated to be 3.5 (± 1) billion years old.

What is the 10 planet called?

Because Eris was initially thought to be larger than Pluto, it was described as the “tenth planet” by NASA and in media reports of its discovery.