How hot does the i7-4770K get?

How hot does the i7-4770K get?

Intel CPU Temps – Haswell

Idle Temp Load Temp
Core i3-4130 34 to 38°C 50 to 61°C
Core i5-4670K 28 to 35°C 47 to 60°C
Core i7-4770K 34 to 39°C 55 to 65°C

Is i7-4770K still good?

The 4770k is still a great cpu when overclocked but some of the new games are very cpu intensive. Depends on what games you play really. Best way I found to see if the upgrade was worth it is check out YouTube for someone on a newer build but same GPU as you and see what fps they get.

Will a 4770K bottleneck a 2060 super?

In terms of memory, the RTX 2060 SUPER ‘s 8192 MB RAM is more than enough for modern games and should not cause any bottlenecks. This combination between RTX 2060 SUPER and Intel Core i7-4770K @ 3.50GHz has less than 8% bottleneck in many games and is perfect match to avoid FPS loss.

What is too hot for i7?

The Normal Operational Range The full-load temperature on correctly functioning processors will be less than the CPU’s maximum operating temperature. The Intel Core i7-4765T and i7-920 CPUs both have maximum operating temperatures of 66 and 68 degrees Celsius, respectively (150 and 154 Fahrenheit).

What is a normal CPU temp idle?

A good temperature for your desktop computer’s CPU is around 120℉ when idle, and under 175℉ when under stress. If you’re using a laptop, you should look for CPU temperatures between 140℉ and 190℉. If your CPU heats up beyond about 200℉, your computer can experience glitches, or simply shut down.

How hot should an Intel i7 run?

Both processors operate between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius (97 and 100 Fahrenheit) at idle and 56 and 58 degrees Celsius (132 and 136 Fahrenheit) working at full load. Both CPUs would run between 46 and 48 degrees Celsius (115 and 118 Fahrenheit) under a moderate workload.

Do i7 processors heat up quickly?

The Core i7’s maximum clock rate was 30% faster than the Core i5 CPU’s. When it came to battery life, the Core I7 and Core i5 CPUs had similar battery life under a light workload. The Core i7 CPU also posted higher average temperatures — significantly so on the bottom of the laptop.

How big is the Intel Core i7 4770k?

This year, Haswell introduces a number of changes to the underlying CPU structure. The chip we’re reviewing today is the Intel Core i7-4770K. It’s a 3.5GHz chip with a 3.9GHz Turbo speed (identical to the Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7-3770K) and formal support for up to DDR3-1600.

What kind of cache does Haswell Core i7 4770k have?

The Core i7-4770K gives us an 8 MB shared L3 cache, similar to Core i7s before it. Although the Sandy and Ivy Bridge designs employed a single clock domain that kept the cores and L3 running at the same speed, Haswell decouples them.

What’s the normal burn test temperature for an i7 4770k?

Another thing to understand is that the throttling temperature — more or less a maximum temperature the chip can have before throttling to “save itself” — is close to 100C. Your maximum burn-test temperatures are almost 20C below that. In normal use, they won’t get that high.

Is the i7 4770k in a safe zone?

Haswell-E (the enthusiast version, coming in Q4 2013) should fix this latter problem. At the moment, though, there’s nothing you can do about this short of de-lidding. Thanks a lot for the quick replies everyone. These informations are quite helpful and it’s good to know that I’m in safe zone for now.