How do you ride an accurate dressage test?

How do you ride an accurate dressage test?

9 Tips to Ride a Winning Dressage Test

  1. Ride Centerlines.
  2. Disciplined Transitions.
  3. In a Dressage Test, The Directives Give You The Answers.
  4. Go Back to Basics: Develop the Quality of The Gaits.
  5. Make Corners A Habit.
  6. Refine Your Aids to Increase Responsiveness.
  7. Don’t Rush the Rein-back.
  8. Perfect Your Pirouettes.

What are the stages of dressage?

The levels include; Intro, Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium, Advanced, Prix St George, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Grand Prix. Each level is made up of a number of tests that you can work through, each test is unique with tests within the same level sharing the same movements.

Are whips allowed in dressage?

No whip of any kind may be carried whilst competing in the dressage test. One whip only, no longer than 120cm including lash, may be carried when riding on the flat at any other time. One whip only, no longer than 75cm and not weighted, may be carried when jumping any obstacle . With appropriate severity.

What is it called when a horse walks sideways?

walk and the canter; the piaffe, in which the horse trots without moving forward, backward, or sideways, the impulse being upward; the passage, high-stepping trot in which the impulse is more upward than forward; the levade, in which the horse stands balanced on its hindlegs, its forelegs drawn in; the…

What are the steps of the BD introductory test?

BD Introductory Test B (2009) All steps score the same 1: A Enter in working trot and proceed down the centre line without halting C Turn right 2: A 20 metre half circle right to X X 20 metre half circle left to C 3: E Turn left B Turn right 4: A Transition to medium walk AK Medium walk

What is in the intro b ( 2009 ) test?

What is in the Intro B (2009) Test?? It’s a walk trot test I think. I did that test a few months back; quite a lot of trot as I recall, but nothing too scary! On my horses back… Excellant no cantering…. What about Prelim 18, i guess that has canter work, but how complicated is that test? Excellant no cantering….

Which is the most recent BD prelim test?

BD Introductory Test A (2008) [S] £2.00 BD Prelim Test 2 (2016) [S] £2.00 BD Prelim Test 7 (2002 rev 2016) [S] £2.00 BD Prelim Test 12 (2005 rev 2016) [S] £2.00 BD Prelim Test 13 (2006 rev 2016) [S] £2.00