How do you prevent an obstruction in netball?

How do you prevent an obstruction in netball?

Netball Obstruction Rule When players are defending in netball you can extend your arms to intercept the ball. But you must be no closer than 0.9 metres (3ft) to your nearest opponent. The first landing foot of the ball-carrying attacker – to the foot of the closest defender – determines the minimum distance allowed.

What does advantage obstruction mean in netball?

advantage or penalty. In other words the ‘advantage’ call is replacing the ‘whistle’! Eg: Advantage on obstruction – as an umpire you must make a decision on the player being able to pass the ball when being obstructed, not if the ball is caught! Official Rules of Netball Revised 2007.

What are some drills for netball?

EB Netball Drills

  • Speed/ Agility: Lateral Shuttle.
  • Speed/Agility: Wall drill.
  • Jump/Landing: Directional switch.
  • Passing: Accuracy using the wall.
  • Shooting: 3 in a row.
  • Space drill using numbers.
  • Shooting: zig zag.
  • Speed/Agility: L drill.

What is considered obstruction in netball?

Obstruction. A player attempting to intercept or defend the ball must be at least 3ft (0.9m) away from the player with the ball. This distance is measured from the landing foot of the player in possession of the ball. A penalty pass will be awarded if you obstruct a player as described above.

Which is the advantage obstruction rule in netball?

Video depicting the advantage obstruction rule in Netball. Buy the eBook or accompanying hardcopy book from – Netball Play with… Introducing aspiring netball umpires to contact – a major area for netball umpires to focus on.

When do you call an advantage in netball?

Recently I asked my netball centre why advantage was being called when the non-offending team had not been successful in passing or shooting the ball. The response was that the advantage call is made when the umpire believes that the player should have been able to get the ball away successfully.

What’s the rule about double marking in netball?

This ruling is ‘obstruction advantage’ in netball terminology. Double marking in netball, or obstructing a player with the ball, results in an obstruction penalty pass awarded to the opposing team. You can position yourself close to an opponent without the ball. Even so, you cannot use your arms to intimidate or contact the opponent.

What’s the minimum distance for a foul in netball?

Netball’s minimum distance rule 0.9 metres (or 3 feet) penalises players for forced obstruction and physical contact. The two primary netball infringements will be fiercely regulated by any umpires officiating the game. They relate to contact fouls given in netball and obstruction penalty situations.