How do you freeze a table heading?

How do you freeze a table heading?

To freeze horizontal and vertical headings simultaneously: Select the cell in the upper-left corner of the range you want to remain scrollable. Select View tab, Windows Group, click Freeze Panes from the menu bar. Excel inserts two lines to indicate where the frozen panes begin.

How do you add a column to a table in HTML?

Add Columns In order to add a column to the table you’ll need to insert a

HTML tag within each row

. Also, make sure that you add the

HTML tag to ALL the rows so you don’t get an unbalanced table. More information on editing tables via HTML can be found through a quick web search.

How do I fix the last column in a table?


  1. var $table = $(‘.table’);
  2. var $fixedColumn = $table. clone(). insertAfter($table). addClass(‘fixed-column’);
  3. $fixedColumn. find(‘th:not(:last-child),td:not(:last-child)’). remove();
  4. function calc() {
  5. $fixedColumn. find(‘tr’). each(function (i, elem) {

How do I freeze a column in an HTML table?

To freeze the row/column we can use a simple HTML table and CSS. HTML: In HTML we can define the header row by


or we can use

tag also. Below example is using the

tag. We also put the table in DIV element to see the horizontal and vertical scrollbar by setting the overflow property of the DIV element.

How do I make one column fixed and other scrollable?

  1. To fixed the column make not scrollable.
  2. To make the column scrollable.

How to create HTML table with a fixed / frozen left?

No need to add any plugin, CSS can do this job !!! The idea is to make the position of all the first cells in each column absolute, and make width fixed. Ex: This hides some parts of some columns under the first column, so add an empty second column (add second empty td) with width same as the first column.

How to freeze first column of HTML table?

I would like to freeze the first column of my html table. after a few attempts i manage to freeze it but somehow when i scroll the table horizontally the columns at the left seems like overlapped with the first column. i couldn’t find a way to fix it. can you please help? you can use this codepen to test it out.

How to create an HTML table with a fixed left column?

You can use the position property set to “absolute” for the first column and specify its width. Then use the overflow-x property set to “scroll” for the entire table. In this snippet, we’ll show all the needed steps. Let’s start with creating HTML.

Is there a way to freeze the first row in CSS?

Freeze First Row. Freezing the first row only is simple, and can be done with CSS by setting the table body to overflow: auto, and giving a fixed width to the table cells.