How do you create a pivot table in Excel 2010?

How do you create a pivot table in Excel 2010?

Click the PivotTable button in the Tables group on the Insert tab. Click the top portion of the button; if you click the arrow, click PivotTable in the drop-down menu. Excel opens the Create PivotTable dialog box and selects all the table data, as indicated by a marquee around the cell range.

Where is pivot table tools in Excel 2010?

On the Ribbon, under the PivotTable Tools tab, click the Analyze tab (in Excel 2010, click the Options tab). In the Data group, click the top section of the Change Data Source command. The Change PivotTable Data Source dialog box opens, and you can see the the source table or range in the Table/Range box.

How do you pivot in Excel?

Manually create a PivotTable

  1. Click a cell in the source data or table range.
  2. Go to Insert > PivotTable.
  3. Excel will display the Create PivotTable dialog with your range or table name selected.
  4. In the Choose where you want the PivotTable report to be placed section, select New Worksheet, or Existing Worksheet.

What is the purpose of a pivot table in Excel 2010?

A pivot table is a tool that allows you to quickly summarize and analyze data in your spreadsheet. You can use a pivot table when: You want to arrange and summarize your data. The data in your spreadsheet is too large and complex to analyze in its original format.

What is a pivot chart in Excel?

Pivot Chart in excel is an in-built Programme tool in excel which helps you out to summarize selected rows and column of data in a spreadsheet. It’s the visual representation of a pivot table or any tabular data which helps to summarize & analyze the datasets, patterns, and trends.

What is the purpose of pivot table?

A PivotTable is an interactive way to quickly summarize large amounts of data. You can use a PivotTable to analyze numerical data in detail, and answer unanticipated questions about your data. A PivotTable is especially designed for: Querying large amounts of data in many user-friendly ways.

How to create a pivot table in Excel 2010?

To create a pivot table in Excel 2010, you will need to do the following steps: Before we get started, we first want to show you the data for the pivot table. In this example, the data is found on Sheet1. Highlight the cell where you’d like to see the pivot table. In this example, we’ve selected cell A1 on Sheet2.

Why do you need a PivotTable in Excel?

PivotTable reports —or PivotTables —make the data in your worksheets much more manageable by summarizing the data and allowing you to manipulate it in different ways. PivotTables can be an indispensable tool when used with large and complex spreadsheets, but they can be used with smaller spreadsheets as well.

What happens when you change the pivot table in Excel?

However, be aware that some types of formatting may disappear when you modify the PivotTable. If you change any of the data in your source worksheet, the PivotTable will not update automatically. To manually update it, select the PivotTable and then go to Options Refresh.