How do you check Medpros army?

How do you check Medpros army?

MEDPROS also provides every Soldier with alerts as to their Individual Medical Readiness status. If you have difficulty accessing or using this system, contact MEDPROS at (877) 256-6477 or via email at [email protected]

What does MRC3 mean on ERB?

The MRC3 (Medical Readiness Category 3) option displays the percentage of Soldiers in each DL (Deployment Limiting) category within the selected region.

What does DLC stand for Army?

Distributed Leader Course
1. Distributed Leader Course (DLC) Professional Military Education.

What does IME stand for Army?

IME Military Abbreviation

1 IME ILMI Management Entity Technology, Business, IT
1 IME Institute of Makers of Explosives Transportation, Explosive, Institute
1 IME Institution of Manufacturing Engineers Government, Army, Ministry Of Defense
1 IME International Materiel Evaluation Technology, Army, War

Where can I find my profile Army?

Soldiers can access their individual E-profile by following these steps: 1. Go to AKO home page, right column under ‘My Professional Data’ and click on ‘My Medical Readiness Status’. 2. Under “Medical Readiness Status” go down to DLC (Deployment Limiting Conditions) and click ‘view detailed information’.

How do I access my ERB?

Go to Army AKO at Select “ORB: Officer Record Brief”/ “ERB: Enlisted Record Brief” link under Army Links column on right side of the screen. Once forwarded to the ORB/ERB page, select the “view/print” button. Save as a PDF to your desktop, where they can be easily retrieved.

What are Pulhes codes?

PULHES is an acronym for physical capacity/stamina (P), upper extremities (U), lower extremities (L), hearing and ears (H), eyes (E), and psychiatric (S). PULHES includes numbers from one to four. For brevity, a code of 1 or 2 means that the Soldier can deploy, and a 3 or 4 means that the Soldier cannot deploy.

How does the medpros USR status report work?

The MEDPROS USR Status Report Tool assists commanders in completing the USR. The report identifies all medical non-availability codes assigned to Soldiers of a particular UIC using the latest available Individual Medical Readiness data.

Who is the MTF for medpros Appendix A?

Identify authorized users to input IMR data (Appendix A) into MEDPROS. MTF Commanders or designated representatives can coordinate training for data entry personnel through a MEDPROS Readiness Coordinator (MRC) or through the Help Desk at 1 -888 849 4341 if there is not a local MRC at your installation.

What kind of hearing test does medpros use?

MEDPROS will recognize a Soldier as HRC 4B or HRC 4C, if the authoritative system, the DOEHRS-HC DR, identifies an STS. Two Primary Reasons for the Reference Test Discrepancies. 1. The DOEHRS-HC DR may contain hearing tests from the legacy hearing test system, HEARS.

How is dental readiness category ( DRC ) fed to medpros?

MEDPROS Logic: Dental Readiness Category (DRC) is fed to MEDPROS from the Corporate Dental Application(CDA). Perm/Temp Profiles MEDCOM MTF/Unit Medical Asset Mandatory that ALL profiles be initiated through e-Profile and all legacy (paper) profiles converted to e-Profiles.