How do I talk to a live person at Massachusetts unemployment?

How do I talk to a live person at Massachusetts unemployment?

By phone. The best way to reach the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is by phone. Our main Call Center can be reached at (877) 626-6800 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Multilingual call agents are available.

How do I login to my EDD account?

Select Log In or Register to go to the Benefit Programs Online login page. If you do not have a Benefit Programs Online account, select Log In or Register and then select Register to begin the registration process.

How do I check my EDD benefits online?

Log In to UI Online Once you are logged in, select Payment Activity to see all payments made on your claim. Your last payment issued and claim balance appear at the bottom of the homepage in the Claim Summary section. To view other payments made, select View Payment Activity to see: Issue Date.

What happens after I certify for unemployment CA?

By certifying for unemployment benefits, you are declaring by law that you meet the eligibility requirements to collect benefits. As a result, you will receive a benefit payment after you complete your certification. If you do not receive a payment within 10 days of certifying, there may be an issue with your claim.

How do I unlock my unemployment account?

If you fail to provide the correct password a third consecutive time, your account will be locked and can only be unlocked by an unemployment representative. We recommend that if you have entered your password incorrectly twice that you use the forgot password or forgot username links provided.

How do I know if my unemployment claim was approved in Massachusetts?

For checking individual claim status

  1. Login to the POSC.
  2. Open Manage Claims and Payments.
  3. Click Inquire Claims Status to open the Search for Claims panel.
  4. Select Provider ID from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter either:
  6. Click Search.
  7. Users can press the “print” button on their browser to print a copy of the claim status.