How do I recode my BMW battery?

How do I recode my BMW battery?


  1. Plug your BMW scan tool into the OBD2 port under the dashboard. …
  2. Turn ignition on, the key to position II. …
  3. Select BMW. …
  4. Scroll down to the Body menu 4.
  5. Scroll down to Power Supply (Battery) and press Enter.
  6. Select option 2 for Battery registration.

What happens if I disconnect my BMW battery?

If you do disconnect the red one by mistake the battery can only be accessed from the boot and the boot will not open without the power. It might have to be disassembled with great difficulty.

What kind of battery does a BMW need?

Most BMW vehicles, including those in the X3, X5, 3, 5, and 7 series, use BCI Group 94 49 H8 batteries. These batteries are also interchangeable, as they have roughly the same dimensions.

What battery replaces E90?

LR1 N Alkaline battery
The 1.5 Volt LR1 N Alkaline battery is an equivalent replacement cell to the following: N Size, LR1, LR01, 810, 910A, MN9100, MN9100B, 4001, 4001B, E90, KN, 810, 23-023, AM5, UM5, UM-5, SUM5, Lady Battery, and E90BP2.

Does a BMW battery need to be programmed?

If you are swapping out your BMW battery for a new one with different amperage and or voltage specs, the car needs to be told this so it can adjust for the new battery settings and not damage your car’s fragile electrical system. As a result, reprogramming will need to be done.

Are E90 and LR1 batteries the same?

These are 1.5 V, E90 batteries. They’re designed for use in all appliances which require E90 batteries. There are 2 batteries in this pack. These batteries are also known as N Batteries and are a replacement for LR1, MN9100, KN, LR1N and GP910A.

Is E90 battery the same as N battery?

ANSI designates this battery as 910A and 910D for alkaline and zinc–carbon chemistries, respectively. Energizer calls this type E90. Mercury batteries of the same dimensions are no longer manufactured because of their toxicity. An N-cell battery has a similar size to the A23 battery, which has a 12 V output.

Where is the battery located in a BMW E90?

The battery in BMW E90 models is located in the right side of trunk, behind a trim panel. Read battery connection notes before disconnecting battery.

How to replace battery in BMW E90 Pelican?

Using a ratchet and a 10mm socket, disconnect negative (-) battery cable. (green arrow) Move negative (-) cable aside and cover so it does not accidentally come in contact with battery terminal. Release locking clips and open battery safety terminal cover. (green arrow) Photo shows lid open.

What kind of battery does a BMW use?

Newer BMW’s (like my 2011 7-Series) use a coin style battery that can simply be replaced with a $5 investment and 3 minutes… but if you also have a 2003 BMW 530i, BMW didn’t use that simple method back then. I recently purchased a 2003 BMW 530i and noticed that the key wouldn’t lock, unlock, or open the trunk when the buttons were pushed.

How do you replace a battery in a BMW?

To start replacing battery, remove the old one by disconnecting the negative connection first. This will prevent accidental short-circuits between positive battery terminal and the body of the vehicle. Make sure the cable does not come into contact with battery terminals during battery replacement procedure.