How do I get out of the Forest of Illusion?

How do I get out of the Forest of Illusion?

The secret exit for Forest of Illusion 3 on Super Mario World. Just go down that pipe I went down in the video to find the key. Make sure you’re big so you can break the blocks. This will lead to Roy’s castle.

How do you get the secret exit in Forest of Illusion 4?

The secret exit is hidden inside a bonus room, reached by taking the blue pipe hovering in mid-air. The pipe is a difficult jump, but can be reached with a running jump from the hill to its left. If you thought about using the P-Switch below the pipe, it just makes coins appear which isn’t very useful.

How do you open Forest of Illusion 4?

You will find yourself walking along the roof of the first segment. Keep going to the left and go through the first door you find. Go through the gate and you will unlock Forest of Illusion 4.

What does the Red Yoshi do in Super Mario World?

Red Yoshis are a variety of Yoshi. In Super Mario World, when it eats any shell, it gains the ability to spit Yoshi’s Fireballs plus the shell power. They can be found in Star World 4.

Where is the Green Switch Palace in Super Mario World?

Donut Plains
The Green Switch Palace is a small palace found on the west side of the Donut Plains, which is unlocked by finding the secret exit in Donut Plains 2 in the game Super Mario World. Unlike the Yellow Switch Palace, this palace has enemies.

How do you beat World 4 on Super Mario World?

In New Super Mario Bros for the DS, world 4 is an optional world. Unlocking it requires you to beat the castle level in World 2 while in Mini-Mario form.

Where is the Forest of Illusion?

To find the way out of the forest, the player needs to find the secret exit in one level. Forest Secret Area, #5 Roy’s Castle, and Forest Fortress are the only levels without multiple exits….Forest of Illusion.

Forest of Illusion
Top view of the forest
Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Levels 9

How do I get into forest fortress?

Forest Fortress is a secret Fortress found in Super Mario World. It can be accessed by completing the level Forest Secret Area in the Forest of Illusion. By completing this level, the player gains access to Star Road, located in front of Star World 4.

Where is the forest of Illusion in Super Mario World?

Levels. The Forest of Illusion is the fifth world of Dinosaur Land in the game Super Mario World. The forest contains one fortress, one Ghost House, one Star Road, the Blue Switch Palace, and many secret paths. The world can be challenging, since beating the regular exits will only take the player in a circle, hence the name.

Is the forest of illusion the same as the Lost Woods?

The Japanese name for the Forest of Illusion is the same as that of the Lost Woods, a recurring location within The Legend of Zelda series; the concepts of both areas are also the same, involving the player getting lost. ^ Official Super Mario World iQue website. iQue.

Where is the secret exit in Forest of illusion 3?

The secret exit you want is located in Forest of Illusion 3. Right before the Goal Gate there will be a tall green pipe. Enter that pipe and you’ll see a key and keyhole under some blocks. Break the blocks to get the key and access the keyhole. Of course, Mario will have to have a powerup in order to be large so he can break the blocks.