How do I get a South Dakota drivers license?

How do I get a South Dakota drivers license?

How do I get my license?

  1. Complete a license application form.
  2. Provide the $28 application fee.
  3. Bring your required documents.
  4. Have your photo taken by an examiner at a Driver Licensing location.
  5. Pass a vision test.
  6. Pass a knowledge test with a score of 80% or higher.
  7. Pass a driving test with a score of 80% or higher.

What documents do you need to renew your drivers license in South Dakota?

You’ll need to provide your driver’s license/ID card number, date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number. You’ll need to upload, email, fax (605-773-3018), or mail two documents to prove your residential/physical address (cannot be handwritten documents).

How long do you have to live in South Dakota to get a driver’s license?

Establishing SD residency is easy. With only 24 hours of actually being in the state, you can become a resident for at least five years before you’ll need to renew your driver’s license again.

How much does it cost to get a South Dakota drivers license?

How much does a driver license cost? To obtain a South Dakota driver license, you’ll need to pay a fee of $28. In addition to the licensing fee, you should be prepared for potential application fees, testing fees, processing fees, or some combination of these costs.

What documents do I need to get my ID in South Dakota?

Which documents are required to apply for a SD driver’s license?

  1. Proof of your date of birth, identity and lawful status or presence in the US;
  2. Proof of Social Security number (SSN);
  3. 2 documents proving your residential address in South Dakota;

Who must have a South Dakota drivers license?

Applicants under 18 years of age must also be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If you live in South Dakota for more than 90 days, you are required to have a driver’s license. If you are a commercial driver’s license holder, you must apply for a South Dakota license within 30 days.

How much does it cost to renew your driver’s license in South Dakota?

Include the application fee of $28 for Class 1, 2 or 3; or $33 for Class A, B or C (hazmat endorsement cannot be renewed by mail). Make checks payable to “Department of Public Safety.”

How much does it cost to renew your drivers license in South Dakota?

The cost of a new or renewal license is going from $20 to $28. Other licensing fees are also increasing. PIERRE (AP) – South Dakota residents wanting to get a new driver’s license or renew their existing one will have to pay $8 more starting July 1.

How many days do you have to live in South Dakota to be a resident?

It is downright easy to do. You only need to be in South Dakota for 24 hours to establish residency, so it’s a quick in-and-out solution for travellers. Once you get your driver’s license it’s good for 5 years, so you only need to spend 24 hours there once every 5 years to maintain a valid driver’s license!

What does the gold star mean on a South Dakota driver’s license?

To determine if a South Dakota driver license or identification card is REAL ID-compliant, look for a white star within a gold circle in the upper right hand corner. The presence of this icon will indicate that the credential is REAL ID-compliant.

Who Cannot get a South Dakota drivers license?

Who can’t get a South Dakota Driver’s License?

  • People under 14 years of age.
  • People whose driver’s license or driving privileges are currently under suspension or have been revoked in South Dakota or another state.
  • People who have accumulated child support arrearages of $1,000 or more.

How much does an ID cost in South Dakota?


Item Cost
If you are under 18 years old $8
If you are 18 years old or older No Fee
Replacement of a lost, stolen or destroyed ID card $8

What is the legal driving age in South Dakota?

Be at least: 18 years old to drive within South Dakota only —called intrastate driving. 21 years old to drive anywhere in the country —called interstate driving. Gather paperwork to prove your identity, including: Date of birth and lawful presence in the United States (1 document). Social Security number (1 document).

How do you renew South Dakota drivers license?

Renew Your Driver’s License Online. Avoid waiting in line. You may be able to renew your South Dakota driver’s license online once every ten years with our easy online renewal system. If you haven’t already, check to see if you are eligible to renew your South Dakota driver’s license.

What are Sioux Falls DMV hours?

Sioux Falls Driver Exam Station. Address. 2501 West Russell Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57104. Phone. 800-952-3696. Hours. Monday: 7:00AM – 5:30PM, Tuesday: 7:00AM – 5:30PM, Wednesday: 7:00AM – 5:30PM, Thursday: 7:00AM – 5:30PM, Friday: 7:00AM – 5:30PM View All. Services.

What is the customer number for SC DMV?

The customer support phone number of Sc Dmv is +1 (803) 896-5000 (Click phone number to call). The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Sc Dmv Service Center and Sc Dmv customer service phone number is given below.