How do I freeze both a column and row in Excel?

How do I freeze both a column and row in Excel?

Freeze columns and rows

  1. Select the cell below the rows and to the right of the columns you want to keep visible when you scroll.
  2. Select View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes.

How do I freeze panes in Excel 97 2003?

For Excel 97-2003, select Window, Freeze Panes. For Excel 2007/2010, click the View tab. From the Window group click the Freeze Panes button and select Freeze Panes.

Can you freeze multiple rows in Excel?

To freeze several rows: Select the row that is immediately beneath the last row you want frozen. From the View tab, Windows Group, click the Freeze Panes drop down and select Freeze Panes. Excel inserts a thin line to show you where the frozen pane begins.

Can you freeze panes vertically and horizontally in Excel?

To freeze horizontal and vertical headings simultaneously: Select the cell in the upper-left corner of the range you want to remain scrollable. Select View tab, Windows Group, click Freeze Panes from the menu bar. Excel inserts two lines to indicate where the frozen panes begin.

How do you unfreeze panes in Excel 2003?

To unfreeze panes, open your Excel spreadsheet. Under the Windows menu, select Unfreeze Panes. Now when you move around in your spreadsheet, columns and rows should display as normal.

How do you fix a row in Excel 2003?

To freeze the top row, open your Excel spreadsheet. Select the cell that is below the left-most column heading that you wish to see. Then under the Window menu, select Freeze Panes.

How do I freeze multiple rows in sheets?

Freeze or unfreeze rows or columns

  1. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Select a row or column you want to freeze or unfreeze.
  3. At the top, click View. Freeze.
  4. Select how many rows or columns to freeze.

How do you freeze different rows in Excel?

To freeze certain rows in Excel, first scroll to the first row to be frozen (the first row you want to freeze needs to be the first row visible on screen), now select all the rows you want to freeze and click the Freeze Panes button. Do the same if you wish to freeze certain columns.

How do you freeze multiple areas in Excel?

Freeze Panes in Excel: Instructions. To freeze panes in both columns and rows in a worksheet, select the cell below the row and to the right of the column to freeze. Click the “View” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Freeze Panes” button in the “Window” button group. Then choose the “Freeze Panes” command from the drop-down menu.

How do you freeze selected cells in Excel?

Freeze Cells in Excel. Freezing cells in excel means that when we move down to the data or move up the cells we freeze remains being displayed on the window, to freeze cells in excel select the cells we want to freeze and then in the view tab in windows section click on freeze panes and click on freeze panes, this will freeze the selected cells.

Where is the Freeze button in Excel?

Freeze pane function is found in the VIEW tab > Window group > freeze tab. As you click on the drop down menu you will find three options to freeze pane. Select the option and your row or column will freeze.