How do I find a solicitor in Scotland?

How do I find a solicitor in Scotland?

Choosing a solicitor There’s a ‘find a solicitor’ search facility on the Law Society of Scotland website. You can search for a solicitor by area of law, your postcode or by the name of the firm.

What does a Scottish solicitor do?

As a solicitor, you’ll act on behalf of your clients, in court and throughout negotiations, as well as preparing and researching documents, letters and other paperwork. Solicitors and advocates in Scotland have very similar duties to their counterparts (solicitors and barristers) in England and Wales.

Does the Law Society cover Scotland?

The Law Society of Scotland is the professional body for the Scottish legal profession. Not only do we regulate and support all practising solicitors in Scotland, we also have an important duty towards the public interest. All practising solicitors are members of the Society and are required to meet our high standards.

Are you entitled to a lawyer in Scotland?

Since 1980, Scotland’s police have had the power to detain suspects for six hours, and while a solicitor could be advised of the fact of detention, the suspect had no right of access to a lawyer. …

Is Scotland a civil law country?

Scots law (Scottish Gaelic: Lagh na h-Alba) is the legal system of Scotland. It is a hybrid or mixed legal system containing civil law and common law elements, that traces its roots to a number of different historical sources. Some legislation passed by the pre-1707 Parliament of Scotland is still also valid. …

Where can I find a solicitor in Scotland?

Search our database to find organisations (other than law firms) that employ practising solicitors. These organisations are not regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. More Info

How to contact find a solicitor Law Society?

Learn more about Find a Solicitor Read our legal notice Law Society member support . If you need to amend any information about you on Find a Solicitor or wish to give other feedback about the website, please call 020 7320 5757 020 7320 5757 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 charged at local call rates) or email us.

How to join the Law Society of Scotland?

Sign in to the members’ area of our website to update your details, book events and much more. Law Society of Scotland CPD & Training courses covering your practice area, boosting your business skills and keeping you compliant.

Is the SRA responsible for find a solicitor?

Find a Solicitor takes data held by the SRA, which we adapt and add additional information to, and present through an easy-to-use search. While we try to ensure the accuracy of the information, the Law Society cannot accept any liability arising from your reliance upon it, or from the inclusion in it or omission from it of any data whatsoever.