How do I become a mutual fund agent?

How do I become a mutual fund agent?

To become an MF advisor, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for the NISM exam. Candidates wishing to become MF advisors should first register for the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) VA Mutual Funds Distributors Certification Exam.
  2. Pass the NISM Exam.
  3. Know Your Distributor.
  4. Register with AMCs or Distributors.

How do I register my Arn with AMC?

How to Apply for an ARN Code?

  1. Obtain the application form for ARN from your nearest CAMS.
  2. Fill all the details on the form carefully.
  3. Attach the documents required with the application form.
  4. Submit the form along with self-attested documents for further processing.

How do I get an ARN certificate?

It is available online as well as at the offices of AMFI and CAMS. You can also apply online from the CAMS online service. Submit the application form along with knowing your dealer (KYD) acknowledgement. After applying for KYD, then the individual should present KYD application form in person.

How much commission do mutual fund agents get?

One time transaction charge:

No. of years Investment Total Commission
1 Rs.1,00,000 Rs.500
2 Rs.1,00,000 Rs.1,060
3 Rs.1,00,000 Rs.1,687
4 Rs.1,00,000 Rs.2,389

How long is a mutual fund license good for?

It’s good for 3 years. As long as you find a new job that will register you as a mutual fund rep within 3 years, you don’t need to re-take the exam.

How do I register for ARN online?

(CAMS) to act as processing agent on its behalf for the purpose of ARN. For registering with AMFI, Intermediaries are required to apply in the prescribed form. The form can be obtained from the office of AMFI or any office of CAMS. Alternatively, the form can also be downloaded from AMFI’s website

What is difference between Arn and EUIN?

Unlike the ARN which is common to the entire organisation, the EUIN is unique to that specific employee. Assigning this specific number, which is distinct from the company’s ARN, helps to affix responsibility for mis-selling.

How do I get an ARN online?

How do I register for EUIN online?

Process of Getting New EUIN Registration

  1. 2 Stamp sized photographs.
  2. Copy of PAN card.
  3. Address Proof (Copy of Ration Card, Bank Statement, Utility Bill – Electricity or Landline are valid)
  4. Certified Copy of NISM/CPE Passing Certificate.
  5. Fees as applicable (only payable through Demand Draft)

Are there commissions on mutual funds?

The commissions are calculated as a percentage of the amount you’ve invested in the fund. A fee paid at the time of purchase is called a “front-end load,” while a fee paid at the time of sale is (you guessed it) a “back-end load.” Funds that don’t set sales loads are called no-load funds.

Can I change my mutual fund agent?

What can you do? As an investor you can change your mutual fund distributor simply by filing a form to that effect. You can obtain this form from AMC websites. However in this case the new agent does not get any trail commissions on all your current investments and has very little incentive to service you.

Is mutual fund tax free?

Tax-Exempt Funds. Mutual funds invested in government or municipal bonds, also called munis , are often referred to as tax-free or tax-exempt funds because the interest generated by these bonds is not subject to income tax.

Do mutual fund investments require a Demat account?

A Demat account eliminates the need for holding physical certificates when making an investment in case of share market securities. But in case of mutual funds, a Demat account is not needed as there are no physical certificates involved and all records are saved electronically.

What is mutual fund regulation?

Mutual Fund Regulation. Investment companies (mutual funds) are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940. The roots of government regulation of investment companies are found in the great stock market crash of 1929, which caused Congress to begin an extensive investigation of the U.S. securities industry.

What is a mutual fund account?

A mutual fund account is just an account you opened with a mutual fund, and a mutual fund is a fund belonging to a pool of investors being managed by professional investors investing those money somewhere.