How did Aethelwold die in real life?

How did Aethelwold die in real life?

However, Uhtred wanted to send Ragnar’s soul to Valhalla, so he stabbed Aethelwold through the heart with a sword which released Ragnar’s soul. Aethelwold’s character is based on the real-life Aethelwold Aetheling, who was the younger of two sons of King Aethelred I, King of Wessex.

Why was Aethelwold not king?

After Alfred’s death in 899, Æthelwold disputed the throne with Alfred’s son, Edward the Elder. He attempted to raise an army to support his claim, but was unable to get sufficient support to meet Edward in battle and fled to Viking-controlled Northumbria, where he was accepted as king.

Is Aethelwold dead?

Æthelwold ætheling/Living or Deceased

When did Aethelwold die?

December 13, 902 AD
Æthelwold ætheling/Date of death

What was Alfred the Great sick with?

King Alfred the Great died on the 26th October 899, probably through complications arising from Crohn’s Disease, an illness which forces the body’s immune system to attack the linings of the intestines.

Why did Saxon names start with Aethel?

The Aethel, or Æthel prefix means ‘noble’. This prefix is very common, and is the original prefix of names such as Edward, Edwin and Edgar. The endings of names have meaning, too. Wine means ‘friend’, so Aethelwine translates as ‘noble friend’.

Did the real Aethelwold lose an eye?

Aethelwold loses an eye With no choice but to return to Wessex, Aethelwold knew that he was in for some trouble. People viewed him as a traitor and that could have meant death. Fortunately, he managed to talk his way out of death but there was punishment. He was blinded in one eye.

Why did King Alfred give his crown to Æthelwold?

As Alfred leaves, Æthelwold lies to the remaining Ealdormen, claiming that his father named him as his successor before he died. However, Odda, who knows this to be false, makes his presence known and informs Æthelwold that the king bequeathed his crown to Alfred.

Why did Æthelwold want to seize Wessex?

Whatever the morality of Æthelwold’s Viking alliance, it certainly seems to have breathed new life into his campaign to seize Wessex – for two years later he was back, and this time there would be no running away.

What happens to King Æthelwold in the Last Kingdom?

After King Æthelred was mortally wounded in battle, the Witan chooses Alfred as his successor, resulting in Æthelwold’s humiliation and longing to reclaim what he considered his birthright. Winchester, Wessex; Æthelwold is scolded by King Æthelred for being drunk in the garden. Æthelred refers to his son as an embarrassment and an unsuitable heir.

Who was the king of Wessex in 902?

Æthelwold ( / ˈæθəlwoʊld /) or Æthelwald (died 902 or 903) was the younger of two known sons of Æthelred I, King of Wessex from 865 to 871. Æthelwold and his brother Æthelhelm were still infants when their father the king died while fighting a Danish Viking invasion.