Does Tend Skin help ingrown hairs?

Does Tend Skin help ingrown hairs?

Tend Skin Solution effectively reduces the appearance of unsightly ingrown hair, razor bumps, and redness from shaving, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Is Tend Skin Safe for down there?

Tend Skin Liquid This was recommended to me by my former aesthetician about 10 years ago. A solution for preventing ingrown hairs and bumps, this is great whether you shave or wax. Tend Skin works on preventing bumps and ingrowns, and it helps to clear up any existing bumps and ingrowns.

Is Tend Skin the best?

Take it from us: Tend Skin Solution is the best aftershave product on the market today. This alcohol-based solution is tested and proven to be the top product in the world for razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Does Tend Skin Solution burn?

TEST PATCH: The first time you use Tend Skin® Liquid BEFORE any hair removal procedure, test a small area for five minutes. Repeat this test AGAIN after waxing, shaving, epilating, laser hair removal or electrolysis. Using all of these together may cause burning of the skin and increased ingrown hair formation.

How does tend skin get rid of ingrown hairs?

Tend Skin Solution Reduces Appearance of Ingrown Hairs Just lift the end out from under the skin and remove them conventionally by shaving, waxing or electrolysis. Apply thin coat of Tend Skin Liquid twice daily to dry skin, once in the morning after showering and drying the skin.

Should I moisturize after using Tend Skin?

Tend Skin® Liquid requires no mixing. There are no limits on use, and no preparations before use. You can now use your preferred method of hair removal. You may use a moisturizer after applying Tend Skin® Liquid if desired.

When should you use Tend Skin?

Directions: Apply to dry skin only. Test small area 1 hour for sensitivity. Dampen cotton ball with Tend Skin® Solution and apply to area. Use morning and night until area is clear, then daily after hair removal.

Do you use Tend Skin everyday?

To use, soak a cotton wool pad or ball with the solution and apply a thin coat of Tend Skin Liquid twice daily to dry skin. It should be applied once in the morning after showering and drying the skin, and then at night until the area is clear. From then onwards, apply daily after hair removal.