Does Infamous 2 have trophies?

Does Infamous 2 have trophies?

Pick up all the blast shards scattered around New Marais. Unlock and purchase all powers. Pick up 50% of blast shards scattered around New Marais. Unlock the good ending….inFamous 2 Trophies.

Developer Sucker Punch Productions
Themes Action, Open world
Mode Single player
Other Names Infamous 2, inFamous 2

Is there any missable trophies in infamous second son?

There are no missable trophies, except for the karma specific mission trophies. As you will be doing a good and an evil playthrough anyway, chances are you won’t miss these, but they are technically missable if you choose the wrong mission. All in all, it’s a very quick and very enjoyable game for a platinum trophy.

What are the hidden trophies in Infamous?

Secret Trophies

  • Ruthless (Bronze): Look out for yourself, no matter the consequences.
  • Temperance (Bronze): Practice self-control.
  • Malice (Bronze): Get them before they get you.
  • Courage (Bronze): Stand up for the helpless.
  • Contempt (Bronze): Don’t fear the weak.
  • Mercy (Bronze): Everyone deserves a second chance.

Does inFAMOUS 1 have trophies?

Collect all other inFamous trophies. Beat the game as a Hero. Beat the game while Infamous. Finish story mode on Hard, without changing the difficulty setting….inFamous Trophies.

Developer Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)
Genres Shooter, Platform, Puzzle, Role-playing (RPG)

Is inFAMOUS second son an easy platinum?

InFamous: Second Son is a fairly easy game to get a Platinum trophy for, so let’s do it! The things to know before starting are that you WILL be playing through the game twice, and you will have to essentially 100% the game, but only once.

What is Akomish?

The Akomish are a fictional Native American tribe from the small town of Salmon Bay, Washington, located a few miles outside of Seattle. Delsin, Reggie, and Betty are members of the Akomish tribe.

How many blast shards are in inFAMOUS?

350 Blast Shards
We’ve found all 350 Blast Shards in the game. And we’ve documented each and every one of them.

How hard is inFAMOUS second son on expert?

Expert difficulty isn’t hard at all, it is on par with the previous inFAMOUS games if you have played those ones. This trophy would have been harder if the main story was longer, but as the main story only takes 6hrs to complete, this should be no trouble.