Does Gerovital GH3 really work?

Does Gerovital GH3 really work?

Gerovital is promoted with false claims of its curative abilities for a wide range of human ailments; research has found no evidence that it has any health benefit or “anti-aging” properties.

What is GH3?

Description. G-H-3 International Inc. develops products for addressing factors, which cause aging and deterioration in the body. Its product, G-H-3-Plus is a comprehensive protocol that promotes anti-aging, treat chronic disease, and improve health and vitality.

What is the benefit of Gerovital?

Procaine is taken by mouth or given as a shot for arthritis, “hardening of the arteries” in the brain (cerebral atherosclerosis), dementia, depression, hair loss, high blood pressure, and sexual performance problems. As a prescription-only injection, procaine is used for local anesthesia.

What is ultra H3?

Gerovital H3 is the dental anesthetic procaine hydrochloride (novocaine), yet in the 1950s, this drug was abused among Hollywood stars. Perls explains that by the 1970s, the National Institute on Aging commissioned a thorough evaluation of the studies and claims surrounding Gerovital H3.

Does procaine get you high?

Unlike cocaine, a vasoconstrictor, procaine does not have the euphoric and addictive qualities that put it at risk for abuse.

Is procaine legal in USA?

Procaine injection is an FDA-approved prescription product used as a local anesthetic.

Who invented Gerovital?

Ana Aslan
Ana Aslan was a famous Romanian scientist, who has founded the world’s first Institute of Geriatrics. She discovered the first anti-aging remedy, called Gerovital, that has been used in more than 70 countries around the world.

Can I take procaine orally?

Procaine works as an anesthetic when injected. However, procaine doesn’t get absorbed well when it is taken by mouth.

Is procaine a drug?

Procaine is a local anesthetic drug of the amino ester group. It is most commonly used in dental procedures to numb the area around a tooth and is also used to reduce the pain of intramuscular injection of penicillin.

Why did Dentists stop using novocaine?

Novocaine is no longer used due to the increased time it takes to work, how long it is effective and its chances of causing allergic reactions. Lidocaine and Septocaine are our preferred anesthetics due to their faster onset time, longer acting time and very minimal chance of allergic reactions.

Can procaine get you high?

Is procaine still used?

Procaine was the only available LA for more than 40 years; in 1947 the first amide-linked local anesthetic (ALA), lidocaine, was synthesized. Today procaine is still used and achieves long-term therapeutic effects in CIM.

Who is the creator of Gerovital GH3 and Aslavital?

Gerovital GH3 Overview. History. Ana Aslan (1897-1988) was a Romanian biologist and physician who discovered the anti-aging effects of procaine on which she developed the formulas Gerovital H3 and Aslavital. She is considered to be a pioneer of gerontology and geriatrics in Romania.

Which is the best GH3 cream in the world?

This is the original formuladeveloped more than forty years ago in Romania by Dr. Ana Aslan. Gerovital H3 is still the most trusted and most effective GH3 anti-aging therapy available anywhere in the world.

Which is the original formula for Gerovital H3?

The original formula by Ana Aslan is striclty respected by the Romanian original manufacturer ! This is one of the standard treatment schemes recommended by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslanfor preventive and curative treatment of old age phenomena:

How did Ana Aslan come up with the formula Gerovital?

While researching the pain-relieving effects of procaine, Aslan developed the formula Gerovital in 1952. Together with Elena Polovrageanu, she created an improved formula marketed as Aslavital (1961). The beneficial effects of Gerovital have been scientifically recognized although not all studies were consistent in the area of anti-aging.