Does Germany have phone books?

Does Germany have phone books?

The German White Pages (Das Telefonbuch) is available online in German only; enter the name (Was) and the town (Wo), and the search result will provide a list of telephone numbers and complete addresses, including postal codes.

How do I find a person in Germany?

How to find a person in Germany: 10 ways to search for people in Germany by their first and last name

  1. Start search.
  2. Register of registration, residence permit.
  3. Register of registration through online services.
  4. Search engines.
  5. Phone books, directories.
  6. Search through friends.
  7. Organizations of foreign diasporas.
  8. Bulletin boards.

Where can I find phone books?

Most curbside programs accept phone books….What You Can Do:

  • AT : 1-866-329-7118.
  • Verizon: 1800-888-8448.
  • Yellow Pages: 1800-373-2324 (option #3)
  • Valley Yellow Pages: 1800-350-8887.
  • or to look it up here: Yellow Pages Association Opt-Out request.

Do phone books still exist 2020?

Phone books and white pages have gone the way of the rotary-dial telephone. But both still exist digitally online. Of course, hunting for a person’s phone number is a bit challenging online with the wealth of information out there. That’s where I can help guide you.

Can you look up old phone books?

The online site titled ‘Old Phone Book’ can take you back 20 years to 1994 and allows you to search across the United States for individuals who were listed in a phone book. Keep in mind the family or person you are search had to be listed in a phone book.

Where is the town of Wetzlar in Germany?

Wetzlar is nestled in the low hills of the Lahn valley in Hesse, and settled on the banks of the busy river. Inhabited for the past 5000 years, this town is cram-packed with history, including ancient Roman ruins and medieval trading influences, and has 13th and 14th century fortifications still in place.

How to find the White Pages phone book in Germany?

Reverse lookup (search by telephone number) is also available by clicking on Rückwärtssuche tab above the search boxes. Official White Pages phone book for people and businesses in Germany. In German. Enter a name in the first box (wer/was). Optionally enter a place name in the second box (wo).

How to find German version of Yellow Pages?

The German version of city names must be entered and the autocomplete assists with this to get the right spelling. Then click the finden button. Reverse search (rückwärts-suche) is also available as an option. Yellow Pages classified business directory for Germany. In German.

Who are some famous people from Wetzlar Germany?

Wetzlar is also famous for a great German literary figure — Goethe. While working here, he wrote his best-selling work The Sorrows of a Young Werther and was acclaimed across Europe, unlike his friend Karl Wilhelm Jerusalem, whose tragic life was the basis for the famous storyline!