Do UFC fighters get cauliflower ears?

Do UFC fighters get cauliflower ears?

What is cauliflower ear? Cauliflower ear is an acquired deformity of the outer ear. It is usually due to blunt trauma to the ear. In 2014, UFC fighter Leslie Smith’s cauliflower ear exploded after a direct hit from opponent Jessica Eye, causing the fight to stop.

Does McGregor have cauliflower ear?

Nurmagomedov’s was far worse than McGregor’s, but both had some sort of inflammation to their outer ear. The condition, cauliflower ear, was once found mostly in Greco-Roman wrestlers, but due to the mix of fighting styles in MMA, it’s become quite prevalent in the UFC, says The Sun.

What is wrong with Dustin Poirier ear?

UFC lightweight fighter Dustin Poirier suffers from a deformity known as a cauliflower ear. In this condition, the ear tissues fill with blood due to repeated trauma, but instead of the fluid draining from the ear, it simply hardens and gives the ear a misshapen appearance.

What happens if you don’t Drain cauliflower?

Left untreated, cauliflower ear can lead to: ringing in your ear. hearing loss. headache.

Why you shouldn’t Drain cauliflower ear?

Cauliflower ear can reoccur, so it’s important to monitor your ear for swelling even after it’s been drained.

Why do wrestlers have cauliflower ears?

Some wrestlers get what is called cauliflower ear . It is caused by internal bleeding inside the structure of the ear. It can develop into scar tissue and that is what is seen. Your ears take a beating in wrestling.

What causes cauliflower ears?

Causes of Cauliflower Ear. The most common cause of cauliflower ear is a hit to the ear — or repeated hits to the ear — that leads to hematomas, or small collections of blood that clot and block the flow of blood and nutrients. These can also occur when skin is pulled away from cartilage, the semi-rigid tissue that gives the ear its shape.

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