Can you surf on Poipu Beach?

Can you surf on Poipu Beach?

All across Poipu Beach and Kalapaki beach, you’ll find some excellent surfing, with many different and well-known individual spots along the way for water sports — surfers’ havens known as Acid Drops, PK’s, and Centers, amongst many others.

Where can I surf in Poipu?

There are mellower and more popular spots closer to the beach, such as Lemon Drops and Waiohai, and heading west past Poipu, you will find an array of other surf spots, namely PKs, Centers, Heroins and Acid Drop.

Is Poipu beach safe?

Poipu Beach Park is considered among the safest in Hawaii, with a lifeguard on duty seven days a week. However, you should always check ocean conditions before entering and never be in the ocean alone. For the most up-to-date ocean conditions and safety tips, visit

Is Poipu beach Open?

Aloha from Sunny Poipu! Kauai is open and welcoming visitors to enjoy the island. Before spending time with us, we ask that you click here for more information on the Hawaii state travel and pre-arrival Covid test requirements.

Where are the best surf spots on Kauai?

Kahili Beach, also known as Rock Quarry Beach, has been known to be one of the great Kauai surfing spots because there is no outer reef protecting the beach, creating large swells. This beach is also known for its constant waves created by the island’s heavy winds.

Who is the owner of Poipu Beach Surf School?

Poipu Beach Surf School is owned and operated by professional waterman and former pro bodyboarder Doug Muraoka. Poipu Beach Surf School is committed to providing each of its guests with safe, fun, friendly surfing experience. Poipu Beach Surf School teaches people how to surf at the Sheraton beach in Poipu

Are there any white sandy beaches on Kauai?

There are fifty miles of white sandy beaches on Kauai with trade winds nearly all year. Winds may shift direction at times providing other surf spots with more favorable (off shore) conditions. Kauai, known as “The Garden Isle” has been featured in over 50 Hollywood movie productions. Most notably “South Pacific” and “Jurassic Park”.

Where is the best place to surf in Kiahuna?

The waves of Kiahuna Beach are perfectly tailored for the avid as well as the beginner surfer. The soft sand bottom and waist-high water invite surfers to practice their skill where they will score a rideable surf.