Can I make my camera WiFi?

Can I make my camera WiFi?

Getting a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card is the easiest way to add some wireless functionality to your camera. Considering you’re getting storage and wireless in one card they’re reasonably priced. They work with most cameras that use SD cards, and once you have one set up, it’s relatively easy to use.

How do I access my WiFi SD card?

How to access the micro SD card of 4G Mobile Wi-Fi via wireless

  1. Open “Run” and type the “\\IP address of your M7350” Here is 192.168. 0.1 by default.
  2. Input the username and password in this authentication window, click.
  3. Then you can access the files of the micro SD card in your M7350.

Is there an Eyefi app for Windows 10?

Eyefi Mobi is now a universal Windows 10 app. Many of the newer digital cameras now have built-in Wi-Fi that can easily connect them with smartphones or your desktop wirelessly. If your older camera does not have that feature, you can rely on Eyefi Mobi ( cards to add instant photo transfer. The Eyefi Mobi app launched

How do I set up Eye Fi desktop?

1. Run Eye-Fi Mobi Desktop. 2. Enter your Eye-Fi Mobi card’s 10-digit activation code and click Next. 3. The next screen shows which directories Eye-Fi Mobi Desktop uses to store your photos.

What do I need to know about Eye Fi?

Eye-Fi, Inc. Eye-Fi desktop software consists of two parts: a small application (Eye-Fi Helper) that runs on your computer and a graphic interface application (Eye-Fi Center) that runs independently of a web browser or internet connection.

Where do I Put my Eye Fi card?

1. Download and install Eye-Fi Mobi Desktop: Eyefi Mobi Desktop for Windows 2. Create a new directory C:\\Temp\\Eye-Fi\\ for temporary picture storage. When an Eye-Fi card is activated, it is registered to the software on that specific ToughBook.